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IDST 110   Research Skills Assignment on Exploring Careers in Multimedia


This library research skills assignment will assist you in finding information about a career in the broad field of multimedia.  It does not include research on the Web, as that source of information will be covered in class at various times in the semester.  You can get help with this assignment from librarians at the Reference Desks.


1.      Getting a Barcode on Your Student ID Card

Bring your CCSF identification card to the Circulation Desk, 4th floor Rosenberg Library.  The staff will put a barcode on the back, which makes it also your library card.  You will need this barcode to access the Internet and periodical databases from library computers.  You also need it to access the periodical databases from home.


2.   Using Online Periodical and Reference Databases


 Find a library computer and click on “Periodical Articles” and type your barcode number.  Now select the option “Find Articles.”  You will see several different periodical and reference databases.  Click on InfoTrac  until you get to the page that lists and describes the 5 InfoTrac periodical databases.  The following databases will be useful for your career exploration:

     Expanded Academic ASAP and the Business Index ASAP, and OneFile.  They contain citations, abstracts and often the complete articles for many magazine and journals published back to 1980. 


Now, click on Business Index ASAP and do a Keyword search for web designer jobs.    You should find a citation to a Time magazine article called  “What Will Be the 10 Hottest Jobs?”  This is a full-text article so click on the hyperlink text.  Look at the Subjects at the bottom of this article.  Click on the one that says Occupations – Forecasts.   Browse through some of these articles and list below one that is of interest to you.


Title of Article:


Journal/Magazine containing article:                                                                            Date:



You can click on Search to try other keywords to explore further this database or other InfoTrac databases.


2.      Discovering the Availability and Location of Periodicals in the CCSF Library Collections 


In addition to the online magazine and journal articles, the Rosenberg Library has many periodicals available in paper-copy and microfilm.   Find the green binder, “CCSF Library Periodicals List,” at either of the Reference Desks.  Look behind the tab labeled  SUBJECTS WITH TITLES and find either the subject Computers or Internet.  Select one or two periodical titles and write the names here:




Now go to the shelves on the East side of the 4th floor in the “Periodicals Area.“ All the paper-copy periodicals are shelved alphabetically by the title of the journal/magazine.  Find the title you wrote above and browse through a few issues to see if there are any articles related to your career exploration.  If so, write the title of the article below; if not, briefly explain some features of the magazine you examined.


Title of Article or Features of the Magazine:


3.      Discovering Career Reference Materials

Using the reference books on the 4th floor find the Career section at call number HF.  Find either of these titles and look for a description of an occupation that interests you.

Occupational Outlook Handbook                                  Ref. HF 5381 .A1   O36

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance     Ref. HF 5381 .E52  2000

What is one thing you learned from reading this description?