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Diversity Assignment 

Diversity raises many complex issues, exploring diversity is not simply a matter of learning about other people’s cultures, values, and ways of being; it involves discovering how race, class, and gender—along with factors like age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion—frame people’s lives. The point is not just that people are diverse, as if that were a nice and interesting fact of life, but that factors such as race, sexual orientation, ableness, gender, etc., are fundamental axes if society as, and as such, are critical to understanding people’s lives, institutional systems, contemporary social issues, and the possibilities for social change.  As students studying and working in the hospitality profession, increasing your insight into the role and function of diversity in our daily lives, (and how it frames our perspectives and interactions) is critical in understanding the complex, multi-factored experiences, perspectives and issues that effect our increasing diverse work force, and hospitality guest.    

This assignment asks you to critically explore and examine diversity as it relates to the hospitality field. Your experiences and insights, in combination with critical assessment of information play a fundamental role in this assignment.   

As stated in the syllabus all assignments are to be turned in on the due date. This assignment must be typed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman Font in APA format, include a bibliography.  Additionally, please refer to the writing guidelines attached to this assignment. 

Lastly, please attach this outline and the reviewed article to your paper.

Part I


Building the context for a topic is an important step in the research process.  This section will help you to begin thinking about diversity in general. Part one is intended to introduce you to resources that provide background information.   

  1. Look up diversity in a dictionary and select a definition.
  1. How would you expand on the definition?
  1. From the Alice Statler Library Homepage > select Research Tools > Search for Articles > CQ Researcher > Type “diversity” in the search box.
    1. How many articles are listed? __________
    1. List 3 articles on diversity that interested you:
  1. Click on the first articles entitled, “Diversity in the Workplace”
    1. Select the “Chronology” from the top navigation bar and read.
    1. Select the Pros/Cons from the top navigation bar and read.
      1. What question is asked in Pro/Con?
    1. Select “Cite Now” and print or copy the citation for your bibliography (make sure it is in APA style!).
    1. Print the entire report and read.
    1. After reading the report, how would you relate it to the hospitality industry? (Don’t write about it, just think about it!)
  1. Go back to the Alice Statler library webpage. What online resource can you use for finding resources in the library? ______________________________
  1. Go to the online library catalog.  Type “diversity” in the Subject Keyword search box.
    1. How many subjects have the term ‘diversity?’ _______
    1. Select the subject “diversity in the workplace.” How many titles are listed for this subject? _______________________
    1. Select the subject, and scroll through the listing of titles for one that interests you and double click on the title.
    1. Write the following bibliographic information for the book:
      1. Author:
      2. Title:
      3. Place of publication:
      4. Publisher
      5. Copyright date:
      6. Call number:
  1. Under Item Information to the left of the webpage, note other subject terms listed which are often useful for finding further information on a given topic.
  1. From the Alice Statler Library Homepage > select Research Tools > Search for Articles > select Infotrac Database > select Expanded Academic ASAP.
  1. In the search box, type Hospitality Industry. How many articles are listed for this subject? ________ 
  1. Select Narrow by Subdivision under the subject of Hospitality Industry and scroll down the list to Human Resource Management and click this subdivision.
  1. How many articles are found for the subject Hospitality Industry – Human Resource Management?  _______
  1. From the blue sidebar on the left, select Limit Search and check the box next to refereed publications1, then click submit.  How many scholarly articles are there?  ____ 
  1. Next, scrolled down to the April 2000 article titled “Managing for Effective Workforce Diversity”, by Kathleen Iverson.
  1. Retrieve this article and read.

Part III 

Now that you have completed some preliminary research on the topic of diversity, chose a topic you intend to research further.  Examples of topics include (please do not be limited by the topics below):  

  1. Check with the librarian to map out a research strategy and verify that your topic is a viable one.
  1. Write down your topic in question format. (Example:  What are ethnic marketing tactics for the hospitality industry?)
  1. What are the key concepts in your research question? (Example: ethnic and marketing and hospitality industry)
  1. Write synonyms for your key concepts. (Example: ethnic or minority or African American; marketing or advertising or promotions; hospitality or lodging or hotels).  These are the search terms you will use to find relevant articles.
  1. From the Alice Statler Library Homepage > select Research Tools >Search for Articles > browse the listing of databases and select one to begin searching.
  1. Find one article on your topic to review. (If you have difficulty locating a relevant article, please see the librarian for assistance).

1 Refereed or Scholarly publications are usually in-depth analysis of topics, author usually an expert in the field, and articles are usually reviewed and critically evaluated by a board of experts in the field (refereed).