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Student Health Center

The $16 ($12 for summer sessions) health service fee covers minor out-patient care at the Student Health Center on campus. A part-time physician is available on limited bases through appointments and serves as a consultant for the nurse practitioners. Services include campus emergency care, first aid, nursing assessment and treatment of acute illnesses, TB tests, vision tests, blood pressure screening, selected immunizations, reproductive health care and referrals to physicians or specialists. Many health insurance plans will reduce the deductible by 50% if you first seek medical attention at a student health center.

Health Insurance

We strongly recommend students arrange for their own health insurance as health care in San Francisco is extremely expensive. Information about international students' health insurance is available upon request. Details about different health insurance plans can also be obtained from the Institute's office.

Psychological Counseling

Therapists are available for counseling international students by appointment. All services are confidential. Short term psychotherapy and various psychotherapy groups are offered.

Please click HERE for more information about the Student Health Center.

City College Health Center