WATCH: Video from Joint Legislative Hearing on Student Success Task Force, February 1, 2012

WATCH: Video from the Board of Governors' Meeting, January 9, 2012

Debate Forum: Community Colleges vs Junior Colleges

Join the CCSF Speech Communication Department and students from the CCSF Speech and Debate team as they host an engaging forum on sweeping changes to Community Colleges being proposed at the Governor’s direction. Four topic areas will be discussed with speeches from the floor invited from audience members. Bring your classes. Bring yourself. Voice your opinion. These issues affect you!
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November 16, 2011
11:00 am-1:00 pm
Diego Rivera Theater

WATCH: Educational Access TV on Comcast 27, Astound 27, and U-Verse EATV1.
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Introduction: Jeffery Fang, Student trustee

Debate Format Explained: Kristina Whalen, Speech Communication Chair and Director of Forensics

Topic Area One: Are we being redefined? Are the SSTF recommendations sculpting a junior college framework and dismantling the community college mission? Two CCSF students and Speech & Debate Program competitors provide an overview of the success and access issues and an orientation to the Statewide Student Success Task Force (SSTF) Recommendations. Students Andrew Morissey and Mike Epley square off.

Topic Area Two: Who’s in charge? Are business models and corporate influences dictating educational practice? Two CCSF debaters provide an engaging point/counterpoint on organizations such as ALEC, Lumina and the legislature. Lisa Russell and Jack Jacoby lead the discussion.

Call for Action by Student Leaders and Academic Senate President

Topic Area Three: Who defines success? Are students that do not complete an AA degree, certificate, or transfer to a four year institution in two years “unsuccessful”? How is success measured? Two active student leaders provide an exchange on the research used to label and define students as successful. Sergio Suhett & Charley Cornali dissect the controversy.

Topic Area Four: Where is the power located? Will the SSTF recommendations move local community control for testing and placement to Sacramento? Is this move good for students? Evan Haynes and Ronnie Jackson debate the issues.

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