Classroom Buildings & Abbreviations Used in
Schedule of Classes

Arts Extension (ARTX or A)
Batmale Hall (BATL or L)
Bungalow 201 - 716 (BNGL or B)
Cloud Hall (CLOU or C)
Conlan Hall (E)
Creative Arts (ART or A)
Diego Rivera Theatre (City Theatre)
Enviromental Horticulture & Floristry (EH/F)
Louise and Claude Rosenberg Jr. Library/Learning Resource Center (R)
Multi-Use Building (MUB)
Science Hall (SCIE or S)
Smith Hall (SH)
Statler Wing (SW)
Student Union (SU)
Visual Arts (VART or V)
Wellness Center (WELL)

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Student Services locations
Admissions & Records (
Conlan Hall 107)
Associated Students (Student Union)
Cafeteria & Snack Bar (Smith Hall)
Career Development & Placement Center (Science Hall 127)
Child Care Center (Bungalow 320)
College Bookstore
Counseling (Conlan Hall 205)
Disabled Students Program & Services (Rosenberg Library/Learning Resource Center 323)
Extended Opportunity Program & Services (Bungalow 401 - 404)
Finacial Aid (Cloud Hall 324)
International Students Adminssions Office (Conlan Hall 107)
Re-Entry to Education Program (Smith Hall 106)
Registration/Fee Payment Office (Smith Hall 118)
Student Health Center (Bungalow 201)
Testing and Assessment (Smith Hall 132)
Veterans Affairs (Conlan Hall 2)
Women's Resource Center (Smith Hall 104)
Public Transportation to Ocean Avenue Campus
MUNI: 29 Sunset, 49 Van Ness / Mission, 15 Third Street, 36 Teresita, 43 Masonic, J Church, K Ingleside, 54 Felton
BART: To Balboa Park Station
Parking Permits are required to park in any lot, day or evening. For more information, contact Campus Police, Cloud Hall 119, (415) 239-3200.
Designated Faculty & Staff parking lots are available for Student parking after 5 P.M., Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.
   Student Parking    Student Parking
   Faculty & Staff Parking    Faculty & Staff Parking
   Motorcycle Parding   Motorcycle Parking
   Bicycle Parking   Bicycle Parking
   Blue Star   Wheelchair   Parking
   Blue Bullet    Wheelchair   Entrance
   Elevator   Elevator
Bungalow 201 - 208 Bungalow 213 Bungalow 214 - 223 Bungalow 301 - 317 Bungalow 401 - 404 Bungalow 500 Bungalow 601A & 601B Bungalow 602 - 623D Bungalow 701 - 716