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CCSF Access Guide

Elevator Updates

None to report.

Access Guide Information

Welcome to the CCSF Campus Access Guide, way-finding tool that helps students navigate throughout the campuses within the CCSF system.

Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS)

DSPS Student Handbook

DSPS Class Relocation Procedure explains City College's policies and procedures related to relocating classes in order to accommodate students with mobility and health related disabilities.

Dispute Resolution & Grievance Procedures

DSPS Faculty Handbook

Path of Travel

Disability Access Map for the Ocean campus (PDF) provides accessible paths, disabled-only parking, ramps, elevators and other disability-related features.


Parking: Permits are required to park in any lot, day or evening. For more information, contact Campus Police, Cloud Hall 119, (415) 239-3200.

Disabled Persons' (DP) Parking: The designiated DP spaces are indicated on the maps for each building or campus. A written orientation is also given on each Building and Campus webpage.

Public Transit: Each building webpage posts details concerning the various public transportation options including MUNI and BART.

Bart Schedule | Bart Accessibility Information

MUNI Schedule | Muni Accessibility Information