Getting Started

If you're reading this, you've managed to start up a browser (Internet exploration program), so you're halfway there. Almost all browsers have their own help system. Here are pointers to documentation for four of the most popular:
-Microsoft Internet Explorer
-NCSA Mosaic for the Mac, Windows, or the X.
-I-Comm, Graphical Browser For Shell, VAX & Freenet Account.
-Lynx, the text browser.

About the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web (WWW) consists of many computers communicating via a protocol called HTTP over the Internet. Here's the WWW FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQ contains a lot of information, maybe more than you're ready for.

About the Internet

Basically, it's a collection of many, many smaller networks that all speak the same language, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). To USE the Internet to learn more, check out Books, Journals and Magazines About the Internet from Library of Congress

Finding Things on CCSF-Web

You can use CCSF Search Engine to index CCSF-Web.

Finding Things on the Web

You can use a variety of WWW Search Engines which use various methods to index the net, or visit one of the many subject directories, such as:
-Netscape Net Search
-The WWW Virtual Library.
-EINet Galaxy
-The ERIC Database

Creating Home Pages on the Web

You can visit our Faculty Web Weaver.

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