Your Mailbox

Summary of this information - Tips and how to delete efficiently [PDF]

The capacity of your mailbox is 250 Megabytes.

Messages in all folders including your Cabinet, Sent Items and the Trash count toward your mailbox size. So do all attachments in all messages in your mailbox or in Sent ITems.

Managing Your Mailbox: Top Tips


What’s the capacity of your mailbox? 250 Megabytes max

How can you tell how full your mailbox is?

Mailbox size in GroupWise Web 7 In the new Web 7 version: Look at the Mailbox Usage display at the top right of the window, under the Help Options Logout links.
Mailbox size: GroupWise Windows 7 In the Windows program, look at the lower right of the screen and you’ll see the % full. If you float your cursor over the area, you get your stats.

What happens if your mailbox fills up to 100% - or more?
You can’t send or receive mail and you keep getting annoying messages about the situation.

How about those folders I’ve created in GroupWise? Does sending messages to GroupWise folders free up space?
No. Making folders and moving messages into them in either the Web or Windows versions is a great way to organize messages. But folders and their contents are still on the server, so they take up room in your mailbox.

Summary of this information [PDF]

Last updated: April 24, 2009 | Vic Fascio: