GroupWise 7 at CCSF: General information

GroupWise email provides the address to which all official CCSF email announcements are sent. Your address is - so, if you log in as jdoe, your address would be

To get a CCSF GroupWise account, fill out the Information Technology Services Request for CCSF Network Login and GroupWise Email form and send in all copies to the address on the form. In about a week you will receive a copy in your campus mailbox that includes your login and password.
Get the Request form from your local ITS person, the Faculty/Staff lab, 313 Batmale, or call the ITS Help Desk at (415) 239-3711.

Login: For new accounts, as of July 2010, your login is the first letter of your first name followed by the your last name (with no spaces or special characters).
For accounts created earlier it was usually the first letter of your first name followed by the first seven letters of your last name, sometimes with a middle initial added to prevent duplication.

Password: Your initial password is set to your birthdate in the form MMDDYYYY so that for a birthday of September 1, 1983 you would enter 09011983
Change your password in the Windows version by clicking Tools -> Options -> Security and in the Web version by clicking the Options button, top right.

Logging in to the CCSF Network and to GroupWise help [pdf]

Windows version

GroupWise for windows iconOnly available on employee computers inside the CCSF network. Currently ( Fall, 2010 ) many folks have version 6.5 installed on their computers. Version 7 has been installed on all new computers for faculty and staff for more than a year. It is also available by request (see your local ITS staff person or call the Help Desk at 415.239-3711). To find out which version you have, click Help on the menu at the top of the GroupWise window and choose About GroupWise - or look at your GroupWise icon (version 7 is illustrated; 6.5 icon is darker with a different arrow).

Web version

Login address for Groupwise on the webThe Web version of At signGroupWise opens in a Web browser and is available from any Internet-connected computer. Just type in in the address bar. This is the only way you can access GroupWise email off campus and the only official option for Mac users.

  1. You'll see a splash page that allows you to log into one of two servers, and either the version for computers or the one formatted for mobile devices..
  2. Click a server link to the version you want. Use any link that is appropriate - your changes will be reflected if you click on another link next time.
  3. Log in with your usual username and password.

If you have problems logging into Groupwise, please call the ITS Help Desk 239-3711.

  1. All your mail is available, regardless of which link you click.
  2. Your email address, messages, and folders will remain the same. Your mailbox capacity will remain at 250 MB. Only the interface is different.

The process and timing of the change to GroupWise 7 was carried out by Information Technology Services (ITS) under the oversight of the ITPC committee.

Help and Support

These web pages, documents, workshops, and the Help Desk (239-3711).

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