GroupWise for Windows: General information

The full-featured Windows GroupWise program is only available inside CCSF's network on Faculty/Staff Windows computers, not from home. You'll see its icon on the desktop and Start menu. It is very fast and has more features than the Web version of GroupWise.

Currently ( April 24, 2009 ) Most folks have version 6.5 installed on their computers. Version 7 is being installed on all new computers for faculty and staff. And it is available by request (see your local ITS staff person or call the Help Desk at 415.239-3711). To find out which version you have, click Help on the menu at the top of the GroupWise window and choose About GroupWise - or look at your GroupWise for Windows icon. The process and timing of the change to GroupWise 7 is being carried out by Information Technology Services (ITS) under the oversight of the ITPC committee.

GroupWise v 7 Windows iconGroupWise Version 7 icon

GroupWise v 6.5 Windows icon GroupWise Version 6.5 Icon

A few of the things that you can do in the Windows GroupWise program, but not on the Web:

Help and Support

These web pages (with more coming...), documents, workshops, and the Help Desk (239-3711) will be available to help with questions.

Listing of PDF files on various GroupWise topics
- from increasing font size to using the Calendar.

The complete Novell Manual [PDF]

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