Creating an automatic Vacation message

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While it is activated, a Vacation message is sent to the senders of all incoming emails. It is an automated response designed to tell folks that you are away for a specific period. A vacation reply goes to the sender of the item only (Reply to Sender), not to all recipients of the item (Reply to All). With GroupWise Web mail you can create, activate and deactivate your vacation messages from anywhere in the world. 

In your message, you can say that you are away from the office until a specified date and perhaps give alternate email addresses or phone numbers to contact in your absence.

To create a vacation message:

To create a vacation message, use the Web version of GroupWise: it's easier than the Windows version, and you can activate, edit and delete the message when you are away from CCSF.

  1. Enter in a browser window and log in to start GroupWise Web version.
  2. From GroupWise Web's main window, click the Options icon.
  3. Click Rules.
  4. Select Vacation
  5. Click Create to display the Create Rule form
  6. Type a name for the rule
  7. Enter a Subject line and the text of the message that the rule will automatically deliver to everyone sending you an email.
  8. Click Save

Rules tab under the Options link

e vacation message

Back on the Rules window, by default, the rule is automatically activated. If you don’t want the rule to be active at this time, click the Activate box to the left of the rule name to remove the check mark; then click Save.
To keep the rule active, just click Save,
and then Close.

To deactivate but preserve a rule for future use, just uncheck its Activate box. Then click Save.

To Delete a Vacation message

  1. From the GroupWise WebAccess main window, click the Options icon.
  2. Click Rules.
  3. Click the Delete button to the right of the rule.
  4. Click Save to save the changes.
Saving the activation status of the message

Last updated: February 26, 2009 | Vic Fascio: