Accessing the Web version of GroupWise
Web address and login screen

You can use the Web version of GroupWise from any Internet-enabled computer. Just open a browser and enter the address:

An intermediate window opens allowing you to choose a server. Until Feb 1, 2009, you will see four choices on this splash page that allow you to log into either the old GroupWise version (6.5) or the new version (7).

To use the new interface, click either of the two lower entries. If the computer hangs, go back and try the other server.
Then you'll see the login screen.

Logging on

Username: Usually your first initial followed by up to the last 7 letters of your last name.
Password: Initially set to your birthdate in an 8-digit format: mmddyyyy - remember that the year is all 4 digits. So September 3, 1982 would translate to 09031982, not 090382.

If you are using a dial-up connect, click the Low button.

Options button, Password tab

Changing your password

Change your password anytime by clicking on the Options link (top right). Clcik the Password tab if it isn't in front and enter your old password, and new password twice.

Be sure to click Save before you close the window.

Your new password will be in effect the next time you log into GroupWise and it will be the same whatever version of GroupWise you use.

Why are there two servers?

To provide redundancy: They are two separate machines. If one isn't up, click the back button and try the other.

Last updated: April 23, 2009 | Vic Fascio: