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Radiologic Sciences Department

photo of Arsalane Said Paul

Said Paul Arsalane

Radiologic Sciences Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Fernandes Terence M

Terence M Fernandes

Radiologic Sciences Department

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photo of Fitz Stefanie Ann

Stefanie Ann Fitz

Radiologic Sciences Department

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photo of Garcia Diane Renee

Diane Renee Garcia

Radiologic Sciences Department

A.S., City College of San Francisco, Radiology
B.S., Touro University International, Health Care Administration
M.S. Touro University International, Health Education

Diane Garcia is the Program Director, Dept. Chair and a full time instructor for CCSF's Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program. She has been with CCSF since 1997. Diane has been a Radiographer since 1979, having also graduated from this very program.

The foundation of my teaching philosophy is to provide my students with the knowledge and practical education to be able to function in the real world of radiology and health care. One of my ultimate objectives in teaching is to facilitate learning by helping students gain the necessary skills to take control of and become active participants in their own learning. I insist my students understand why they are doing a particular procedure or examination not simply how to do it. My teaching practices empower students to take ownership of their education and help them realize that they are responsible for their learning outcomes.
I encourage students to tackle problems creatively, which helps them learn to think outside conventional boundaries and to seek the deeper meaning of a concept. Their education includes working with real patients in real situations and I impress this fact upon them even in the classroom where most are accustom to learning and purging information. The seriousness of their learning must be extrapolated into real life quickly.
I believe teaching is the most important service I provide to the City College of San Francisco community. I am helping to educate a new generation of radiology professionals to function knowledgeably in a profession where rapid technological advances constantly pose new questions and ethical challenges. Regardless of content, I think the student should leave the course with skills they will apply in the clinical environment. These basic skills include patient care, problem solving, critical thinking, research and writing proficiency, and effective communication abilities.
My ultimate goal is to provide the community with radiology professionals that will treat each patient with care, compassion, professionalism, and superior technical skills while keeping radiation protection in mind and employing it at all times.
I am proud to be an alumni and instructor at City College of San Francisco and to have the opportunity to help create the next generation of radiographers who will probably care for you one day. If this is the case, feel secure in the fact that they are well educated.

Diane has served on the CCSF Graduation Committee since 1997
She is a past mentor for the Puente Project and has served on many tenure review and hiring committees for CCSF.

Past President of the Radiologic Technology Educators of California (RTEC)
Past Vice President of the California Society of Radiologic Technologists (CSRT)
Health Workforce Initiative for the Chancellors office in California
Past Member of the Radiologic Technology Certification Committee (RTCC) an appointed position for the California Department of Public Health-Radiation Health Branch (CDPH-RHB).
Member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists

Diane is married, has three grown daughters, and five grandchildren.

photo of Gliniewicz David A

David A Gliniewicz

Radiologic Sciences Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Hall Thomas F

Thomas F Hall

Radiologic Sciences Department

AA degree: CCSF 1967 to 1969 engineering major
BA degree in Psychology in 1971
1974 to 1976 UCSF radiology technology program - RT
Worked at the Ambulatory Care Center at UCSF Medical Center from 1976 to 2007

Part-time faculty at CCSF since 1991.

photo of Hurley Kathleen M

Kathleen M Hurley

Radiologic Sciences Department

A.A., City College of San Francisco; B.A., M.A., San Francisco State University

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Poon Lap-Kong

Lap-Kong Poon

Radiologic Sciences Department

BSMDI degree - Fort Hays State University: Medical Diagnostic Imaging 2015
AS degree- City College of San Francisco, Radiologic Sciences 2009

David Poon has been teaching at CCSF since 2017. David is a practicing Radiologic Technologist (RT) and supervisor at UCSF Medical Center.

As a teacher, I aim to perpetuate knowledge and inspire learning. My approach to student assessment reflects my two goals. First, to develop the best radiology professionals in the country. The student is expected to master a body of knowledge by demonstrating on exams the concepts studied in the course. Second, students are given necessary information that emphasize the skills of critical thinking and listening acquired during the semester. While my standards are high, I strongly believe this will help develop a strong radiology professional.

I believe in a flexible manner of instruction, responsive to the unique atmosphere of a given class. In conducting either a large lecture or small seminar, I am aware of students different experiences and temperaments in hopes of developing their strengths while ameliorating their weaknesses. Every student can improve his or her ability to listen, and comprehend the class material.

I strive to engage, challenge, and inspire growth in my students. It is my belief that every student is capable of tasting the passion that I feel for the radiologic science profession by becoming collaborators in the exploration of imaging theory, research, and practice.

Involvement in following committees:

Past President, California Society of Radiologic Technologists
President, California Society of Radiologic Technologists
President Elect, California Society of Radiologic Technologists (CSRT)
Chair, Membership Committee -CSRT
Member, Radiologic Technologists Educators of California (RTEC)
Co-Chair, John Muir Steering Committee on Clinical Education
Member, RT Advisory Committee, Merritt College of Oakland
Member, CCSF Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program Advisory Committee
Director at Large, CSRT
Past Chair & Committee Advisor, Student Committee CSRT
Chair, Student Committee CSRT
Mentor/Teaching Assistant, CCSF Radiology Program

Lap-Kong (David) Poon was one of three individuals in the country to be awarded the 2016 "I am Gold Standard Award", presented by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). This award was selected among 325,000 imaging professionals in the country. In addition, David has also won numerous awards including:

o 2016 Gold Standard Award,* Special Distinction* UCSF Medical Center
o 2010 National Patient Care Award, National Radiologic Technology Week, Advance Newsmagazine
First Runner Up
o 2008 CME Coordinator of the Decade, California Medical Association, Institute for Medical Quality

David actively participates in his profession. He contributes to many local, state and national radiology organizations. He writes about his experiences, student engagement and promoting the radiology profession. He has written for the following magazines/journals:

Advance Imaging, Radiology Magazine Online- Editions include: August, 2012, November, 2011, August,
2011, July, 2011, January 2011, November 2010, October 2010, July 2010, May 2010, February, 2010

ASRT Affiliate Connection- Affiliate Newsletter, Volume2, Issue 6 May, 2010

HEALTHeCareers.com, June, 2010

The Technigram, The Journal of the California Society of Radiologic Technologist- Numerous Editions

In his spare time, David likes to travel, be with family, and spend time with friends.

photo of Thornton Kyle Richard

Kyle Richard Thornton

Chair, Radiologic Sciences Department

Certificate: Radiologic Sciences Program - Los Angeles City College
A.A: Spanish - Long Beach City College
B.A.: Political Science - San Francisco State University
MA: Educational Leadership - Touro University International, Cypress, CA.
PhD: Educational Leadership - Trident University International, Cypress, CA.

Dr. Thornton has been teaching at CCSF since 1997.

Having come from a long family line of teachers, Dr. Thornton feels that teaching is in his genetic code.
In addition to teaching at CCSF, Dr. Thornton continues to work in his discipline as a CT Technologist at UCSF Medical Center.
As an instructor at City College, he appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students by providing the educational path toward the realization of their goals.

He has been involved in the campus-wide mentor program, as well as the SCANS project and took part in the college self study during the Fall 2004 semester.

Board of Directors for the California Society of Radiologic Technologists
Scholarship Review Committee of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists -that organization awards annual scholarships to radiology students across the country.

His favorite sports include snow and water-skiing, snorkeling in Hawaii and the Caribbean, stand-up paddleboarding, and tennis.

photo of Yim Leslie K

Leslie K Yim

Radiologic Sciences Department

Director, Radiation Oncology Technology Program

A.A., City College of San Francisco; B.A., San Francisco State University

Les Yim was born and raised in San Francisco, graduated from the CCSF Radiography Program in 1975, and began teaching here in 1982. He served as Radiologic Technology Department Chair for 17 years, overseeing both the Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology Programs. He is a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, California Society of Radiologic Technologists, and past-President of the Radiology Educators of California.

Mr. Yim is also a professional musician. He has played drums since grammar school and is a long-time member of "Expo," a popular band that has performed regularly in the Bay Area for 30 years.

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