The Department of Dance is committed to providing student and community populations with a fundamental knowledge of the lifelong benefits of physical exercise and to developing an understanding of physical activity as a part of a total education.

Faculty In Review

Dance Department

photo of Barton Gail G

Gail G Barton

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., M.A. , San Francisco State University

Ms. Barton has taught at CCSF for the past twenty years. She is a Fellow, US Terpsichore Association (Ballroom and Latin) and Graduate, Integral Yoga Teacher's Training.

Her instructional philosophy is to challenge herself and her students to fully realize ones' potential. In Ballroom Dance, Latin and Swing Dance forms, one can appreciate the past but prepare for maximum success on the dance floor today. Her Folk Dance class offers students the experience of dance forms originating from around the world. Yoga students feel comfortable working at their own level to integrate mind, body and spirit.

Ms. Barton has served as a Judge for SF Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions on six occasions, as a panelist for the California Arts Council, and as Vice President for the California Dance Educators Association. Her choreography appears in the film " And We Still Dance ". Her article on College Dance was the cover story for the March, 1998 issue of Ballroom Dancers Rag .

Going dancing, taking classes and workshops, attending conventions and performances, walking and browsing in used book stores are some of Ms. Barton's extracurricular interests.

photo of Blood David E

David E Blood

Coordinator, Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.S., University of Washington; M .F.A. ,University of Utah

For 10 years, David Blood was a principle dancer with Oakland Ballet and the San Francisco Moving Company. While with the Oakland Ballet he performed in many famous ballets such as Billy the Kid, La Boutique Fantasque, Les Noces, Rooms, and Sheherazade. He worked with choreographers such as Leonide Massine, Eugene Loring, Anna Sokolow and Frederic Franklin.

David began swing dancing in 1998 and has been trained by Frankie Manning, Sylvia Sykes, Jason Christodoulou, Chad Kubo, Steven Mitchell, Paul Overton, Sharon Ashe, Carla Heiney and others. He has also taken balboa from Steve Garret and Heidi Salerno. He presently teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced swing at CCSF as a full time instructor.

In his leisure time, Mr. Blood enjoys gardening and keeping his lovely wife Ann happy.

photo of Burick Kathleen L

Kathleen L Burick

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara
M .A. , San Francisco State University

Professor Burick has been teaching at CCSF since 1980.

For the past 14 years her primary focus has been tap, although she still loves her Saturday morning modern dance class and believes that every dance form contributes in a unique way to the development of every very unique dancer. At UCSB she studied Humphrey-Limon technique with Alice Condita and Rona Sande, Laban Wigman with Isa Berghson, and Graham with Cristine Lawson, David Hatch-Walker and Ross Parks. Professor Burick's M.A. in Creative Arts Education focused on dance from multiple cultural perspectives. Her training in tap ranges from study at the Betty Lee Dance Studio in Ohio in the 1950's and 60's to conferences, festivals and master classes with the likes of Camden Richmond, Steve Condos, Brenda Bufalino, Jean Martin, Robert Reed, Diane Walker Jimmy Slide and Arthur Duncan over the past 25 years. She is inspired by and loves taking class from pace-setting contemporary artists such as Savion Glover, Mark Mendoca, Andrew Nemr, Derrick Grant and John Kloss. In the early 80's she performed with tw!

As to modern dance companies: Nancy Karp & Dancers and KADEKA Dances for Kids. In the mid 90's Professor Burick performed with Lynn Jassem's Stepfire Tap Ensemble. She considers myself an ever-aspiring and evolving jazz/rhythm tap dancer who loves to share her passion for tap, in particular, and dance in general.

photo of Eng Chelsea N

Chelsea N Eng

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., M.A., Stanford University

Teaching Argentine Tango at CCSF since the Fall of 2000

A lifelong dancer (extensive training in ballet & modern) and since 1994 a devotee of Argentine tango, Chelsea Eng is a full-time tango professional: performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher. Performance & choreography highlights include Confitería Ideal/Buenos Aires, the International Dance Festival/New York City, national television (Latin Eyes), Diálogos on Hollywood’s theatre row, Leading Ladies of Tango at San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre, GlamourTango at Chicago's Logan Square Auditorium, and numerous shows improvising with the musicians of MonTango, Tango No. 9 and Trio Garufa. Chelsea is a co-founding member of the all-woman collaborative dance company Tango Con*Fusión (, now in its 8th year. She has taught Argentine tango since the mid-90s at workshops & festivals in many cities {Portland (7 TangoFests), Las Vegas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, San Diego, Los Angeles}, including Buenos Aires. Chelsea holds a Master’s Degree in Education – Dance Specialization from Stanford University. As founder & long-time director of the popular Argentine Tango Program at City College of San Francisco, she regularly teaches semester-length credit courses in Argentine Tango through CCSF's Izzy award-winning Dance Department (; she has also substitute-taught Intermediate Ballet. In March of 2010, Chelsea was one half of the first all-female pair and the first American pair, to teach (and to present Lead-Follow Exchange as a topic), while Tango Con*Fusión was the first all-female tango company to perform, at the Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (C.I.T.A.) in Buenos Aires. In March of 2011, Chelsea (together with Tango Con*Fusión) had the honor of performing with Latin-Grammy nominated band Tanghetto at the Sala Zitarrosa Theater in Montevideo and at Salón Canning in Buenos Aires. Chelsea's writing has been published in IN DANCE, San Francisco's long-running dance newsletter.

As a former transfer student (from Pomona College/ Claremont, CA to Stanford University), a Stanford University alum (B.A. and M.A.), and a City College faculty member, Chelsea enjoys voluntarily representing Stanford University at the CCSF College Transfer Fair each Fall.

Professional Memberships:
AFT 2121
Dancers' Group
Theatre Bay Area

photo of Gensler Theresa M

Theresa M Gensler

Coordinator, Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., M.S., San Francisco State University

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Hughes Jeanne M

Jeanne M Hughes

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., M.F.A., Mills College, Oakland

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Luana


Coordinator, Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., College of Saint Teresa; M.A., Mills College, Oakland

Luana has taught at CCSF since 1989.

She has trained with the Martha Graham Studio and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre studio.

In her own words: "Each student has a brilliance, a genius so to speak, and I encourage the student to apply his/her own brand of intelligence to the subject I am teaching (history, choreography, dance technique, or performance). Therefore I teach to the "internal teacher" which resides inside the student. I find students understand quicker, retain information longer and can aptly apply the information in a multiplicity of situations. Additionally, I am a systems theorist, so I believe in an interconnectedness of all subjects which demands from me multidimensional teaching and contextual presentation. Finally, each class is a learning experience for me because the students are teaching me how to teach them - it's very exciting! At the beginning of each semester I say to the students that ALL of us should be transformed in some way (physically, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually) BECAUSE of the experiences created in my classes."

She is on the board of directors of several arts education organizations and involved in the mentorship program at Mills College. Luana also is a conference lecturer on the subjects: "Using the Arts in K-12 Education", "The African American Aesthetic in Education", "Teaching the Three R's Through Dance".

Luana is a member of the California Dance Educators Association and the National research group- subject: African American aesthetic

photo of Roake Anne Marie

Anne Marie Roake

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., San Francisco State University; M.A., California State University, Dominguez Hills

Ms. Roake has taught at CCSF since 1996.

She believes that varied and innovative classes and teaching procedures reflecting changing times and attitudes are a must! Student projects and involvement in classroom activities are encouraged as well as group interaction, especially in dance classes. Ms. Roake also uses video to tape dance programs.

She is an advisor for the CCSF Cheer/Dance Squad and is the Student Activities/Rams Club representative ICC. She has written the curriculum for hip-hop dance, boxercise and cheer classes.

Ms. Roake is involved in St. Anthony's Center, San Francisco, Little Brother - San Francisco, NITA Law Workshops, College of San Mateo-Teacher, Chabot College, Hayward-Teacher and Children's Miracle Network.

In her leisure time, Ms. Roake enjoys travel, equestrian, swimming, archery, softball, music and drama classes.

photo of Rockwell John Steven

John Steven Rockwell

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

Mr. Rockwell has been teaching at CCSF for four years.

His instructional philosophy is to embolden students to get in touch with their natural talents for movement and expression, and to use physical methods of communication for building positive and successful relationships on the dance floor.

He also hosts monthly swing dance parties at CCSF and is Director of The Jump Blues Dance Project (which brings swing dance to public schools), CDEA and the World Swing Dance Council.

His hobbies include hiking, reading and cooking. Mr. Rockwell also works part-time at the California Supreme Court.

photo of Stepanek Gail A

Gail A Stepanek

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., University of Colorado; M.A., Columbia University

A teacher at CCSF for the past two years, Ms. Stepanek's educational goal is to create an educational atmosphere that facilitates somatic, holistic, creative learning with an opportunity for full self-expression.

Her hobbies include yoga, dance, hiking and reading.

photo of Watson Valerie M

Valerie M Watson

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

BA Dance San Francisco State University
MA Adult Education - SFSU

Ms Watson has taught at CCSF since 1980. Her goal is to provide a strong foundation in the discipline of dance while instilling the importance and responsibility of building good character. This is needed to facilitate and heighten student's awareness of themselves as essential components in the unity and well-being of all humanity.

1. Commitment to continued study, teaching, choreography, performing, and researching dance forms from around the world.
2. Through Dance exchange information with my students so we all grow.
3. Create a nurturing, safe, and welcoming environment for City College students
4. Use dance as a transformative learning tool to foster understanding of the importance of peace, unity, tolerance, patience, harmony, compassion, and love.

Founder, Director, Choreographer, and Performer "Alafia Dance Ensemble" (15 years)
CCSF Dance Concert Performance, Low Tech performance, Performance in World Cultures Concert McKenna Theater-SFSU

photo of Wesley Jacquelene

Jacquelene Wesley

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

Dance Department

B.A., San Francisco State University; M.F.A., Mills College

photo of Williams Kirstin E

Kirstin E Williams

Physical Education Department/Dance & Dance

B.A., San Diego State University; M.F.A., Mills College, Oakland

Ms. Williams strives to create a positive and energetic learning environment. Her goal is to build stamina, strong technique and stage presence in her students.

She is the founder, artistic director, producer and choreographer for the Kirstin E. Williams Strong Current Dance Company & Strong Pulse Dance Crew fusing contemporary, hip hop, modern dance, spoken word and music to create social change. Ms. Williams has lived, produced work, danced professionally in San Diego, Hawaii & New York City. She continues to go to NYC about 3x a year to enhance her teaching at CCSF.

Her hobbies are surfing, scuba diving, swimming, pilates, yoga & spending time with her hubby and two boys. She also is club advisor to the break dancing club on campus and produces dance productions on campus fall and spring semester featuring her Strong Pulse Dance Crew, Bay Area & NYC guest artists.

Go to for more info
Hold Auditions for Strong Pulse Dance Crew first & Second Fridays of Fall & Spring Semester @2-4pm @CCSF Wellness Center Performance Studio/theater rm 301

Teaches at USF, Crunch Fitness and Western Athletic Clubs

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