Faculty In Review

Health Education Department

photo of Avila Alma

Alma Avila

Health Education Department

Academic degrees and institutions granting each degree:

M.P.H. San Jose State University
B.S. Golden Gate University

Prof. Avila has been teaching at CCSF since 2003.

Health Education & Community Health Studies Department
Program Director Community Health Worker, Youth Worker and Post Prison Health Worker Certificate Programs

Instructional/educational philosophy and goals:
Committed to educating Bay Area residents and communities, providing resources for work and study in the field of health.

Alma is also

Involvement in non-instructional CCSF activities, e.g. committees, clubs:

Vision Y Compromiso was developed to educate the Latino community about quality of care issues.Other Vision Y Compromiso program areas include children and youth, policy, research and multi-disciplinary evaluation and women.

Multiple Committees & Projects focusing on the needs of formerly incarcerated persons:

*Jail Reentry Project

*City College Prison Project

Foundations for Community Health Worker Textbook, Josey Wells: 2010

SFDPH Tobacco Free Project

Promotoras Network

CHW Collaborative Network : UNITY 2007

Hobbies or extracurricular activities:

Running, Walking & Daily Physical Fitness Program

photo of Badran Carol

Carol Badran

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Barresi Patrick J

Patrick J Barresi

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Bemis Jeanette

Jeanette Bemis

Health Education Department

B.S., Eastern Washington University
M.A., San Francisco State University

Professor Bemis has been a member of the CCSF faculty since 1993.

She states that "learning occurs when questions are asked. The beauty of teaching non-credit courses is the ability to tailor the content to what the participants want to learn . Health and nutrition information in the media can often be confusing so my role is clarify and simplify. I use the participants' questions to gauge their understanding and determine topics to cover."

Professor Bemis has been involved in the California Nutrition Council-Committee for Nutrition Education and Marketing Policy and the San Francisco Active Aging Committee Task Force.

She is very active member of Girl Scouts of Northern California and is a founding member of the Girl Scouts Alumnae. Currently she is a Council Learning Facilitator, and a member of the Heritage Committee.

In her leisure time, Professor Bemiks enjoys tap dancing.

photo of Berthold Timothy M

Timothy M Berthold

Health Education Department

B.A., Brown University; M.S.P.H., Harvard University

Tim began teaching full-time at City College in the Fall of 2001. He was a part-time Instructor from 1995-1997.

His work in the classroom is influenced by theories of popular education and thirty years of public health experience working with diverse communities in the Bay Area and internationally. Tim is motivated by the desire to educate and support CCSF students to advocate for health and social justice in their own communities.

Tim is the editor of Foundations for Community Health Workers, a textbook for training CHWs based on the Health Education Department's vocational training certificate program. He is the co-editor of a companion Training Guide, also published by Jossey-Bass, that provides training activities, videos and assessment resources for training CHWs.

photo of Brothers Joellen Marie

Joellen Marie Brothers

Health Education Department

B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia; M.P.H., San Francisco State University

Biography will be forthcoming.

photo of Castro-Rojas Carmen

Carmen Castro-Rojas

Health Education Department

MA, Interdisciplinary Social Work, Social Psychology and Women Studies
BA, English. Minor Italian

Prof. Castro-Rojas has been teaching at CCSF since 2005 at the Health Department, in the Women's Studies and Healthcare Interpreting Certificate Program

Education is a personal choice, students obtain an education because they want to be prepare for the 'real' world and therefore, each student is only competing with him or herself, competing to learn, grow and master skills that will be used once in the workforce.
Once the education is achieved, the learning and growing process continues beyond graduation day.

Ms. Castro Rojas has overseen the Court Interpreter Certification Testing Program at the Judicial Council of California since 2014. Among her responsibilities overseen this program she coordinates the Administration of the Oral Interpreting Exam twice a year, oversees the development and maintenance of testing exams and represents California at the Council of Language Access Coordinators (CLAC) annual conference.

Carmen is also an instructor at the City College of San Francisco Health Department since 2005. She teaches in the Women's Health Program the class of Women's Health with a Latina focus. She was an instructor at the Healthcare Interpreting Certificate Program and a Spanish Language Coach. She graduated from the program herself in 2005.

She received a Fulbright scholarship and completed her Master of Arts from San Francisco State University, where she designed her own program including Social Work, Social Psychology and Women Studies. She received a scholarship from The Colorado College and completed a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a minor in Italian.

As a trainer of interpreters statewide for the last 15 years, she has been a trainer of the Connecting Worlds Curriculum and has also developed language access curriculum for her business clients. She also has 25 years of experience as an instructor and has taught language and related subjects both here and in her native Costa Rica.

With strong cultural awareness and training, Ms. Castro Rojas conducts anti-bias education seminars as a consultant trainer for the Anti-Defamation League, A World of Difference Institute since 2005.

As a consultant, Carmen has worked with organizations such as: John Muir Health, Kaiser Permanente National Diversity, Kaiser Permanente Internet Services Group, Education Fund, California Academy of Family Physicians, Public Health Institute, Interfit Health.

Ms. Castro Rojas served as the Project Director of ACCLAH, the Alameda County Coalition on Language Access in Healthcare from 2007 to 2010. She has extensive experience as effective grant manager providing technical assistance in multi-site, multi-year statewide initiatives on Public Health issues.

Carmen was the President of California Healthcare Interpreter Association in 2012 and 2013. Under her leadership CHIA achieved financial stability and greater educational excellence through the establishment of Regional Training for its members statewide. Prior to her presidency, as the Chair of the Education Committee, she spearheaded the development of the trainer of trainers’ curriculum of the CHIA Standards and, trained CHIA members on the curriculum. Ms. Castro Rojas led the successful completion of the CHIA Standards Training for Health Care Administrators and for Interpreters/Dual Role staff.

Carmen loves to travel and the beach. She loves to take walks and attend film festivals. She loves turtles.

photo of Chan Frances C.

Frances C. Chan

Health Education Department

B.S., California Polytechnic State University

Biography will be forthcoming.

photo of Elzie Pamela K

Pamela K Elzie

Health Education Department

B.S., M.A., University of San Francisco

Prof. Elzie has been teaching at CCSF since 2006

photo of Fang Lynn Lin

Lynn Lin Fang

Health Education Department

Consumer Education Department

B.S., Marycrest College, Davenport, IA

Professor Fang has been a member of the CCSF faculty for the past 26 years.

Her goal is to increase the knowledge of health and nutrition for seniors, and to help new immigrants enroll in training classes to be able to find jobs and become self-reliant in American society.

She has published the following: "Seniors Guide To Using Over-The-Counter Medications and Chinese Remedies (1984); "Practical Child Nutrition", Section 3 Protein, Section 5 Fat, Section 6 Carbohydrate (1960); "Present Knowledge in Nutrition" (translated from English to Chinese)(1984); "Age Page" (20 topics, translated from English to Chinese)(1986); "Chinatown Disaster Response Plan" (translated from English to Chinese)(1990); "Physiology of Fungi" (translated from English to Chinese)(1970); "The Application of Chemical Additives in Food Technology" (translated from English to Chinese)(1960); "Quality Control Handbook" (translated from English to Chinese)(1980); "Salisbury's Manual" (translated for CTPS)(1981); "American Litigation" (translated for CTPS)(1982); "Phonic Ear" (translated for CTPS)(1982) and translation of brochures (from English to Chinese) for the American Cancer Society (1985).

Professor Fang is a member of the Chinese Nutrition Association and Chinese Biochemistry Association. She won a cancer control recognition award for translation of epidemiology questionnaire (1984) and a "Women Who Make a Difference" award from the Commission and Department on the Status of Women (2001).

Professor Fang enjoys oil paintimg, tutoring Chinese, and doing translation and interpretation from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

photo of Freedman Beth Gail

Beth Gail Freedman

Chair, Health Education Department

Women's Studies Department

Ms. Freedman has been advocating and working for the health of women, young people and LGBT people since 1993. She is a full time Health Science Instructor and has been involved with City College of San Francisco since 1995: as a student, classified staff and now as a full-time Instructor.

Ms. Freedman is also the Faculty Advisor to the Women's Resource Center at CCSF. She has worked with the University of California, San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies on making HIV prevention research more accessible to affected communities. She also has worked in the areas of violence prevention and women's health.

She currently teaches Women's Health Issues and a general Introduction to Health course. Her main interests are health inequalities among people of color and low income people and making evaluation accessible and responsive to the needs of communities.

photo of Goodfriend-Koven Nora

Nora Goodfriend-Koven

Health Education Department

B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz; M.P.H., San Jose State University

Ms. Goodfriend-Koven has been teaching at CCSF since 2002.

She states: "Learning is dynamic, a process of exchanging and changing. We learn for ourselves, and also to share our knowledge with our communities. My courses all involve the practical application of theory and course content within a community setting. Within the broad definition of health - students work in the areas most interesting and relevant to their experience. They work on personal transformation, and also at improving the health of their community.

A particular concern is finding ways to eliminate health disparities so that all people can count on the same potential for a long and healthy life. I see students as change-agents who can begin to build towards equality in health for all. As an instructor, I too, am constantly learning from my students, and from the experiences of the 21st century. The classroom becomes a "laboratory" for students and for the instructor."

Ms. Goodfriend-Koven is a member of the Northern California Society of Public Health Educators. She is on the board of directors of California Healthcare Interpreting Association and Walden Center and School. She also volunteers at La Peña.

Extracurricular activities: She loves to camp and hike, listen to and play music, grow organic vegetables and enjoy time with her extended family.

photo of Guillen-Nunez Edith

Edith Guillen-Nunez

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Hall Terrance N

Terrance N Hall

Health Education Department

Scheduling A.A., City College of San Francisco; B.A., San Francisco State University; M.P.H., University of California, Berkeley

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Kusnir Julieta

Julieta Kusnir

Health Education Department

Master of Public Health, San Francisco State University
Latin American and Latino Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Prof. Kusnir has been teaching at CCSF since 2015

Julieta loves being in the classroom and learning with her students. Her mother is from Mexico and her father is from Argentina which inspires her to highlight stories on the radio and in the classroom that show how U.S. policies have pushed people from their home countries. She was born in Mexico City and grew up here in the Bay Area. She has taught at both CCSF and SFSU is lucky to be able to build relationships with students as a coordinator through the Metro Transfer Academy at City College.
Before joining Metro, for five years Julieta provided media advocacy training across the country for Berkeley Media Studies Group. She has also contributed to bilingual radio programming in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. Her radio pieces have aired on NPR, KCBS, and PRI among other media outlets. Julieta continues to produce and host segments of La Raza Chronicles on KPFA radio with an emphasis on health issues.
Julieta's long-time commitment to addressing health inequities, particularly those in the Latino community, drew her back to the university to complete a Master's in Public Health. Her areas of interest in the public health field include the media's impact on civic engagement, as well as popular education strategies. Julieta continues to provide trainings for KPFA radio's apprenticeship program. In 2008, she received an Ethnic Media Health Fellowship through The California Endowment. You can listen to her program at soundcloud.com/larazachronicles
She is committed to honoring the knowledge her students bring to the classroom.

photo of Lau Sylvia

Sylvia Lau

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Lavender Jamie B

Jamie B Lavender

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Legion Vicki Wirth

Vicki Wirth Legion

Health Education Department

B.A., New College of California; M.P.H., University of Illinois, Chicago

Ms. Legion has been teaching at CCSF since 1994.

She uses a combination of active reality-based learning, popular education and performance-based education.

Ms. Legion has been involved in coordinating Community Health Works of San Francisco, a partnership of CCSF and San Francisco State University - a multi-project program devoted to eliminating health inequality and diversifying the public health and primary care workforce. She also speaks at national conferences several times a year.

photo of Leu Teresa C

Teresa C Leu

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Loya-Talamantes Michelle Marie

Michelle Marie Loya-Talamantes

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Marinelli Emily J

Emily J Marinelli

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Marinoff Joani Ellen

Joani Ellen Marinoff

Health Education Department

CMF - Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation, Semel Institute, UCLA 2015
M.P.H - Community Health Education., University of Massachusetts 1995
Physicians Assistant in Primary Care Stanford/Foothill 1980
B.A., Antioch University West San Francisco 1979

Joani Marinoff has been teaching at CCSF since 1997 - retired in 2017
returning as a retiree in 2018

- Faculty in the Health Education Dept teaching HLTH 91M: Mindful Stress Reduction
- Former Coordinator the HIV/STI Prevention Studies Office
- Former Coordinator new 'Infectious Disease Prevention in Priority Populations' certificate
- Former Coordinator the Link Center MU301
- Founder & former faculty adviser for The Gender Diversity Project

I have been teaching at CCSF since 1997. I have almost 40 years of experience in health education, advocacy, and providing health care services. I started as a community health worker, became an LVN (studied at CCSF -John Adams 1974), went on to become a Physicians Assistant in Primary Care (Stanford-Foothill 1980) and then studied Public Health (MPH - Community Health Education at the University of Mass in 1995), Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation (UCLA 2015). Lifelong learning is a core value for me.

Areas of special interest over the years have been meditation and restorative practices, stress reduction, violence prevention, women's health, substance use, HIV prevention, leadership development, gender studies, end of life issues, yoga and above all promoting health equity for everyone.

I love teaching at CCSF because I believe strongly in a public open door - open enrollment institution that serves community interests. CCSF is where it all started for me and I remain truly inspired by my creative, enthusiastic, and intelligent students and the talented, dedicated, and compassionate faculty and staff I work with. My classes are interactive with a combination of individual, group, and online learning activities, discussion, video, and lecture.


photo of Martinez Sergio R

Sergio R Martinez

Health Education Department

Doctorate of Philosophy, Social Welfare, University of California at Berkeley. Expected 2022.
Masters in Public Health, San Francisco State University

Teaching at City Spring 2015.
Prior to City, taught at San Francisco State for 4 years in Health Education.

Prof. Martinez enjoys sharing his lived experience and telling stories as a way to engage and teach his students. He uses various teaching modalities and approaches to reach vulnerable groups and to build rapport with marginalized communities. He believes acknowledging student experiences is key in building healthy sustainable relationships and in creating great learning environments. He practices cultural humility, and most importantly, enjoys learning from his students.

Prof. Martinez also writes and tells stories for the Oakland Tribune's Voices program. A community journalism program intending to highlight and promote positive untold stories specific to East Oakland.

During his spare time, Prof. Martinez enjoys collecting vinyl records, traveling, reading, attending art exhibits and playing indoor soccer.

photo of McCray Ida P

Ida P McCray

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Nerenberg Lisa

Lisa Nerenberg

Health Education Department

MSW, MPH, University of Minnesota

Professor Nerenberg has been teaching Health 9A Elder Abuse Prevention at CCSF since 2008. This .5 credit course is an entry-level class designed to help students prevent elder abuse and neglect. It focuses on raising awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the problem; alerting students to its signs and symptoms, and enabling them to intervene according to laws, policies, and professional standards.

In Spring, 2009, Health 9A Elder Abuse Prevention, will be taught as an online class. That means that all of the reading assignments are online and students will have a chance to discuss what they're learning with their classmates and test their knowledge with online interactive exercises. An introductory class will be held on the Ocean Campus in Rosenberg Library R414 on 3/23/09 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Computer assistance will be provided. The course is designed to take 4 weeks to complete, and final assignments will be due on 5/4/09.

Professor Nerenberg has been working in the field of elder abuse prevention for over 25 years. She particularly enjoys teaching students who are currently working in the field of aging as well as students who are interested in working with elders. To learn more about Professor Nerenberg and elder abuse, visit her Web site at http://lisanerenberg.com/ or my blog, Prevent Elder Abuse at http://preventelderabuse.blogspot.com/

Publication: Elder Abuse Prevention: Emerging Trends and Promising Strategies (Springer, 2008)

photo of Nunez Sal

Sal Nunez

Health Education Department

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology; M.S. Mental Health Counseling; B.A. Humanities, Psychology, Music

Dr. Nunez has been teaching at CCSF since 2000

Membership: American Psychological Association, California Board of Behavioral Sciences Publication, California Board of Psychology: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist.

Dr. Nunez has been researching the effects of repetitive drumming patterns on behavioral health, trauma, and recovery. He continues investigated the historical context and medicinal properties of specific drumming patterns and over the past 13 years has developed a therapeutic practice that integrates indigenous medicine, conventional psychology, and ceremonial principles. The drumming praxis he developed has been accepted as a community defined evidence model by SAMHSA and listed in the national directory of the Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health.

Director, Community Mental Health Certificate Program (www.ccsf.edu/cmhw) at the Health Education Department of CCSF, Funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Mental Health Services Act.

Effects of drumming on anxiety in Latino male youth (2005). Drumming styles and facilitators (2008), www.healthydrumming.org. Co-author Chapter 14, Stress management and self-care in, Foundations of Community Health Workers, (2009), Berthold, Miller, Avila-Esparza Eds. Jossey- Bass

photo of Occena Bruce N

Bruce N Occena

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Rincon Alberta M

Alberta M Rincon

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Rittenhouse Amanda A

Amanda A Rittenhouse

Health Education Department

A.B., M.P.H., University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D., University of San Francisco

Dr. Rittenhouse has been teaching at CCSF for over 20 years.

Her goal in teaching is to empower her students to think and grow as individuals by actively listening to them and encouraging them to participate in the learning process.

Ms. Rittenhouse was editor of "Readings Plus with Weblinks", "Women's Health and Wellness", 97-98.

In her leisure time, Ms. Rittenhouse enjoys photography and time with her family.

photo of Rojas-Cheatham Ann M

Ann M Rojas-Cheatham

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Roth Robin H

Robin H Roth

Health Education Department

Women's Studies Department

B.A., Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio; M.S., San Francisco State University

Ms. Roth has been teaching at CCSF since 1978.

She believes that good health is the foundation of happiness, and that everyone can learn the knowledge and skills to improve their health and the health of their families, contributing to the health of our communities and nation.

With information and experiential activities, Ms. Roth tries to provide a lively mix whereby students can take charge of their health as well as understand important issues in public health. Her approach is holistic and feminist, honoring the body, mind and spirit, investigating diverse approaches to health and health care, helping students become wise health care consumers.

She is a long-time member and previous precinct representative of AFT 2121, a member of the Women's Caucus, co-director of Project SAFE, and has produced Safer Sex Playshops & Fairs 1991-2001. She is a previous Faculty Sponsor of the Safe Sex Club, CCSF AIDS Advisory Board and has been a Flex Day speaker.

Ms. Roth is a member of the Women's Health Educators Network, Women's Health Rights Coalition Teleconference Educator/Speaker, and Women's Health series, University of Texas. She is a former Board Member of the Min An Health Center, Women's AIDS Network, and San Francisco Women's Health Center. Ms. Roth is also listed in "Who's Who in American College Teachers".

photo of Skinner Janey E

Janey E Skinner

Health Education Department

M.P.H. from U.C. Berkeley; B.A. from Brown Univeristy

Janey Skinner has been teaching at CCSF since 2004, initially as a part-time instructor. She served as Director of the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center from 2006-2008. Since January 2009 she is a full-time instructor in Health Education. She also works closely with the Trauma Prevention & Recovery Certificate (Interdisciplinary Studies Dept.).

My website is now located at:
More info on my courses and the Trauma Certificate is available there.

I am on sabbatical in Spring and Fall 2016, working on developing new curricular materials for the Health Education department.

photo of Somsanith Darouny

Darouny Somsanith

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Tang Gayle Kit-Lim

Gayle Kit-Lim Tang

Health Education Department

Professor Tang has been teaching at CCSF since 1996

photo of Tighe John C

John C Tighe

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Tregor Jill R.

Jill R. Tregor

Health Education Department

Masters of Public Health in Community Health Education, San Francisco State University, 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, University of Massachusette at Amherst, 1984

Prof. Tregor has been at City College of San Francisco since 2009, and teaching since Fall, 2010.

it is a pleasure and a privilege to teach at CCSF. I have been in the public health field for most of my working life. Health inequalities and unequal access to health care and services are social justice issues. I am committed to doing everything I can to offer a high quality education to students so that together we can fight for good health for all.

She is the former Director of the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, a program funded by the State Community College Chancellor's office, which worked with Bay Area allied health employers and community colleges to prepare and diversify the allied health workforce.

Prior to coming to City College, Jill worked in the social justice/non-profit field, primarily addressing inter racial conflict and hate motivated violence. She has also worked extensively in the domestic violence and women's health fields, as an advocate, policy analyst, and trainer.

Foundations for Community Health Workers, eds. Berthold, Miller, and Avila-Esparza (2009). Author of chapter "Facilitating Community Health Education Trainings" and co-author of "Community Diagnosis".

Foundations, 2nd edition, 2016. Chapters include "Facilitating Community Health Education Trainings" and co-authoring chapters on Managing Chronic Health Conditions and Health Eating, Active Living.

Training Guide for Foundations for Community Health Workers, 2016.

Chair of the Board of Directors, 2005-2015, HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County (HEPPAC).

photo of Tse Annie

Annie Tse

Health Education Department

A.S., City College of San Francisco; B.S., San Francisco State University; M.P.H., San Jose State University

Annie Tse began teaching at CCSF part-time in 1990 and full-time since 1994.

She teaches in multiple health areas including Women’s Health (Health 25) and Health and Aging (Health 10). Her classes offer the latest health information using a practical focus for making positive lifestyle choices and changes, emphasizing strategies to promote health in individuals and communities. She uses participatory pedagogy and community-building in the classroom to create meaningful and positive learning experiences for her students.

From 1994 to 2012, Professor Tse served as the Director of the CPR, First Aid and Safety Program and taught CPR, Advanced First Aid, and Child Health and Safety Education classes. In 2013, the CPR, First Aid and Safety Program was discontinued due to the college downsizing of various programs. Her past work as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) includes working with health insurance companies, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and community-based organizations such as the American Lung Association, Children's Council, and Wu Yee Children Services.

photo of Villela Valorie L

Valorie L Villela

Health Education Department

B.S., Whitworth College, Spokane, WA

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Weide Darlene K

Darlene K Weide

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Yamashiro Lisa

Lisa Yamashiro

Health Education Department

Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction; B.S., R.D., Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics, University of California, Berkeley

photo of Yan Aimee Y

Aimee Y Yan

Health Education Department

M.S. Health Science, San Francisco State University
B.S., Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics, University of California at Berkeley
R.D.N, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Ms. Yan has been teaching at CCSF since 1991. Her focus has mainly been in noncredit health and nutrition classes geared towards the consumer and older adults. She has also taught credit courses in health education including sports nutrition.

She believes that learning is a lifelong process that continues to enrich one's life throughout their lifespan. As such, she regularly engages in continuing education on nutrition, physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being to enrich her own knowledge base in order to share it with others in the most practical ways so as to improve the lives of all of her students.

Ms. Yan has been a member of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics since 1982. Ms. Yan is a Board Member of the OCA Asian Pacific Advocates of San Mateo, an advocacy group dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans. She is also a member of Chi-Am Circle, a community service group based in the South Bay.

Ms. Yan enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures and peoples. She enjoys hosting students at her home and introducing them to American culture. She loves nature and volunteers at Filoli House and Gardens in Woodside. She also enjoys the performing arts and is an usher at Mountain View Performing Arts Center.

photo of Zakus Sharron M

Sharron M Zakus

Health Education Department

A.A., City College of San Francisco; B.A., M.S., San Francisco State University

Ms. Zakus has been a full-time faculty member at CCSF for many years. She has worked and served on a variety of committees at CCSF and for the Health Science Department.

She graduated with a Registered Nurse license from St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and has had nursing experience on Medical and Surgical units, and in the Operating Room. She has also done Occupational Health nursing.

Ms. Zakus is the author of the book and the accompanying student workbook "Mosby's Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants" and has also coauthored another book. Her first book is in its 4th edition and the second book is in its 2nd edition.

Her focus on health is from a holistic and positive viewpoint - an integrative combination of the physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and intellectual dimensions of wellness and health of individuals and their surroundings and communities. Her classes offer the latest health information using a practical focus for making positive lifestyle choices and changes emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility for our health.

Ms. Zakus' commitment to students is to make learning an enjoyable and a meaningful, positive experience. She shares information which will prepare students to be open to new ideas, to make thoughtful and informed choices; to be empowered to question and evaluate information, to make good decisions, to assume responsibility, to be more optimistic, and to create and follow a healthy lifestyle. It is her hope to challenge students to develop a permanent interest in health, as it affects not only them, but also their communities at large, and to develop a desire for continued growth and knowledge.

photo of Zaminsky Mena K

Mena K Zaminsky

Health Education Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

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