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Consumer Education Department

photo of Fang Lynn Lin

Lynn Lin Fang

Health Education Department

Consumer Education Department

B.S., Marycrest College, Davenport, IA

Professor Fang has been a member of the CCSF faculty for the past 26 years.

Her goal is to increase the knowledge of health and nutrition for seniors, and to help new immigrants enroll in training classes to be able to find jobs and become self-reliant in American society.

She has published the following: "Seniors Guide To Using Over-The-Counter Medications and Chinese Remedies (1984); "Practical Child Nutrition", Section 3 Protein, Section 5 Fat, Section 6 Carbohydrate (1960); "Present Knowledge in Nutrition" (translated from English to Chinese)(1984); "Age Page" (20 topics, translated from English to Chinese)(1986); "Chinatown Disaster Response Plan" (translated from English to Chinese)(1990); "Physiology of Fungi" (translated from English to Chinese)(1970); "The Application of Chemical Additives in Food Technology" (translated from English to Chinese)(1960); "Quality Control Handbook" (translated from English to Chinese)(1980); "Salisbury's Manual" (translated for CTPS)(1981); "American Litigation" (translated for CTPS)(1982); "Phonic Ear" (translated for CTPS)(1982) and translation of brochures (from English to Chinese) for the American Cancer Society (1985).

Professor Fang is a member of the Chinese Nutrition Association and Chinese Biochemistry Association. She won a cancer control recognition award for translation of epidemiology questionnaire (1984) and a "Women Who Make a Difference" award from the Commission and Department on the Status of Women (2001).

Professor Fang enjoys oil paintimg, tutoring Chinese, and doing translation and interpretation from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

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