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Interdisciplinary Studies Department

photo of Abusaad Roni W

Roni W Abusaad

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Brewer Rebecca Kathryn

Rebecca Kathryn Brewer

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Chavoshian Ali-Reza

Ali-Reza Chavoshian

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Prof. Ali Chavoshian has been teaching at CCSF since 1992.

He is a clinical psychologist, practicing in Berkeley, CA, and a clinical faculty of the Wright institute of Berkeley. Prof. Chavoshian is also the faculty member of the Lacanian Institute of Psychoanalysis in San Francisco, and the visiting professor of the Guilan School of Medicine, Department of Psyciatry, Rasht, Iran, and former Dean and Professor of Department of the School of Graduate Psychology, New College of California in San francisco.

photo of Clark Felita J

Felita J Clark

African American Scholastic Program (AASP)

A.A. in Social Sciences - Laney College; B.A. in Psychology - San Francisco State University; M.S. in Counseling - San Francisco State University; doctoral studies - Walden University

Prof. Clark has been counseling and teaching at CCSF since 2006.

Each One, Teach One!

Life Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; NAACP; board member of various community organizations

Martial arts instructor (sifu) and personal trainer.

photo of Gentry Erika Y

Erika Y Gentry

Chair, Photography Department

B.A., University of Oregon;
M.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology

Professor. Gentry has been teaching at CCSF since 2001 part-time and full-time since 2006.

My goal in teaching is to help students push their creative vision, learn good technique and to celebrate and realize their own ideas.

Erika Gentry is a Visual Artist and Educator. She specializes in digital imaging, photography, education, multi media arts and fine art printing in the Bay Area. An early advocate of the creative digital domain, she has been teaching and presenting electronic arts and photography at the institutional, organizational and individual levels nationwide since 1996 and has been a consultant to many of the industry’s leading professional photographers as they converted from film to a digital work-flow. She has worked in freelance photography, magazine and book picture editing, art direction, advanced digital post-production, web design and as a curator and educator. She has taught one-on-one and group courses at corporations and colleges such as The Rochester Institute of Technology, The San Francisco Art Institute, Foothill College, City College of San Francisco and Rayko Photo Center. She is currently an Associate Professor of Photography and Multi Media Studies at City College of San Francisco and designs photography workshops in France. http://www.photographyinfrance.com.

Gentry grew up in Portland Oregon and received her bachelor of arts degree from The School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon in Eugene. She completed her master of fine arts degree at The School of Imaging Arts and Sciences from New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology. Her personal photographic projects explore issues of identity as expressed through the use of technology. She exhibits her work internationally and serves on the National Board of Directors for The Society for Photographic Education (www.spenational.org), the advisory board of Lensculture Magazine (www.lensculture.com) and is former Vice President to the Board of Directors for Fotovision.

National Board of Directors, Society for Photographic Education, www.spenational.org
Board of Directors, Fotovision, www.fotovision.org
Co-Chair, Western Region, Society of Photographic Education, www.spewest.org

French Language
String Instruments

photo of Ishibashi Jean T

Jean T Ishibashi

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

B.A., University of Wisconsin Madison
M.A., Stanford University
Ph.D., University of Califormia, Berkeley

Professor Ishibashi has been teaching at CCSF since 2004.

Professor Ishibashi's instructional/educational philosophy:
We are all experts in our own lived experiences. Those re-searched experiences can empower us to relate differently to ourselves and others. That re-search, documented and retold in stories, can be a powerful transformative agent moving mountains and systems like water, the lifeblood of mother earth, teaching us life's lessons and providing wisdom for generations to come.

All our relations.

Professor Ishibashi is Faculty Advisor for the following:
Women's Resource Center
Women United
Ourstories Club
Intersecting Identities Conference Service Learning Students

Dr. Ish has had various articles published in books and journals about the transformative power of our stories. She is a member of various community based organizations.

One of her interests is midwifing her, his, and our stories!

photo of Israel Kinneret R

Kinneret R Israel

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Jabbar Abdul

Abdul Jabbar

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

M.A. and Ph.D. in English, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio; graduate-level courses in political science, history, and comparative religions; Fulbright scholar; recipient of two National Endowment for the Humanities awards; several publications

Full-time: from 1968 to 2004 in English and Interdisciplinary Studies Departments
Since 2004: Professor Emeritus, Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Sciences Departments

Education is the only equalizer. To build a truly democratic and egalitarian society, community colleges, with their open-door policies, embrace all segments of society to provide high-quality education. Community college students often don't have the luxury to be full-time students. They have to juggle jobs, family responsibilities, activism for reform, and studies simultaneously. They deserve all avenues of support and incentives to achieve their educational goals in a supportive environmment that, at the same time, upholds high academic standards.

Member and Chair of the Personnel Committee, English Department, for several years
Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, for 6 years
Member and Chair of several hiring committees
Faculty Advisor to several students' clubs: General Union of Palestinian Students; Muslim Students Association; South Asian Cultural Association

Book: "Reading and Writing with Multicultural Literature: Search for Reconciliation and Peace" -- a textbook for English 1B, humanities, and similar courses -- was first published in 2010. The second edition came out in 2011, and the third edition in 2013.

Book: "American Cultures in Literature and Film," publication date: Spring 2015 by XanEdu Publications.

Chapter in a book: "A Mirror to Our Faces: The Short Stories of Khushwant Singh," Chapter 10 of "Sikh Art and Literature," ed. Kerry Brown (Routledge, 1999)

"Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," "The Journal of America," American Institute of International Studies, January 5, 2009.

"Beyond Stereotypes: E. M. Forster's Vision of Global Unity in 'A Passage to India'," "Humanities Journal" (Spring 1989)

Review of "The True Subject: Selected Poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz," "Journal of South Asian Literature," Michigan State University, Vol. 26, 1991, Nos. 1 & 2, 156-170

"Varieties of Love in D. H. Lawrence's 'Women in Love'." My lecture is available as audio cassette No. 0-A from Cassette Productions Unlimited, Pasadena, California 91105.

Extracurricular: Advisor, Central Asia Institute, a U.S.-based non-governmental organization that opens and operates schools in remote regions of neglected areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, with focus on female literacy.
Advisor, Kamran Educational Foundation, San Francisco, California.
Chair, Curriculum Committee, to create courses for the soon-to-be-launched Islamic Studies Program at San Jose State University.
Guest lecturer in overseas universities, including Skype presentations.

Hobbies: Tennis, hiking, activism for political and social justice

photo of Jandali Ameena K

Ameena K Jandali

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Muller Lauren Stuart

Lauren Stuart Muller

Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies Department

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA with highest honors, Phi Beta Kappa
Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English MA
University of California Berkeley, English -- ABD

Prof. Muller has been teaching at CCSF since 2000

Interdisciplinary Studies Department Chair
Faculty Advisor: Poetry for the People Club
member Student Learning Outcomes, Works of Arts committees

June Jordan's Poetry for the People, A Revolutionary Blueprint, Routledge, 1995 Reckonings: Short Fiction by Native American Women, Oxford, 2006member: American Studies Association, MultiEthnicLiteratures of the US, Studies in American Indian Literature,Studies in American Indian Literature, Split This Rock

photo of O'Neal Joshua D

Joshua D O'Neal

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Palaita David G

David G Palaita

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

H.S. Diploma, Waipahu High School (1997)
B.A., Geography, University of Washington, Seattle (2003)
M.A., Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley (2005)
Ph.D., Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley (2015)

Professor David Ga'oupu Palaita (vika) has been teaching at the City College of San Francisco since 2007 in the department of Interdisciplinary Studies. He is also coordinator of the new Critical Pacific Islands Studies Certificate Program.

He also taught at the University of Washington, Seattle, Seattle Central Community College, UC Berkeley, and College of San Mateo.

photo of Rosenwasser Penny

Penny Rosenwasser

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Sanchez Jorge

Jorge Sanchez

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

B.A. from UCLA in Anthropology and Geography
M.A. from SDSU in Anthropology
PhD. from ColMich in Social Sciences

Prof. Sanchez has been teaching at CCSF since 1997

To be an effective role model

If you are enrolled in my IDST 37 class entitled "Ethnic and Racial Groups in the United States: A Comparative Survey," Please log into the course one week prior the start of the Summer 2009 semester to complete the "online orientation." Failure to complete this orientation may subject you to be dropped from the course.

American Anthropological Association
Society for American Archaeology
Sociedad Mexicana de Antropologia

Enjoy traveling
Play soccer

photo of Sayed Javaid A

Javaid A Sayed

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Sheikh Moazzam A

Moazzam A Sheikh

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Shockey Jennifer A

Jennifer A Shockey

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

B.S. Health Science, California State University at Fresno
M.P.H., San Jose State University

Professor Shockey has been teaching at CCSF since 2009.

She has been filled with much diversity since the day she decided to work in the field of HIV/AIDS. This field has taught her the importance of being culturally relevant in all aspects of her life and that we not only learn by doing but that we learn the most by listening to others. This is the philosophy she brings to a classroom, training or even during the days when she did street outreach to drug users and sex workers. She has had the opportunity to be a health educator, a teacher and a trainer in the field of HIV prevention.

To meet the needs and /or expectations of students she finds that a course that offers knowledge in addition to skills building is the best way for an individual to learn. The course needs to be serious, fun and engaging to keep students interested. Essential to this commitment is the creation of an inclusive and diverse learning environment where educational, professional, and personal goals can be fulfilled.

Professor Shockey has participated in the Gender Diversity Project since 2009.

photo of Sieper Jean Marilyn

Jean Marilyn Sieper

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Simon Leslie B

Leslie B Simon

Women's Studies Department

B.A., History University of Michigan (Phi Beta Kappa)
M.A., African Studies UCLA
M.A., English University of California, Berkeley

Ms. Simon has been teaching at CCSF since 1975.

She believes in a student-centered classroom where all students feel empowered to speak and debate with each other and the instructor. Her goal is for students to establish life-long learning habits along with critical thinking skills to enrich their personal lives and to enable them to contribute to their communities.

Ms. Simon coordinates Project SURVIVE, the CCSF sexual violence prevention program, and serves on the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Committee. She also served as the Women's Studies Department chair for nine years (2001-2010).

National Women's Studies Association
American Association of University Women
Community College Humanities Association
PEN Oakland

Ms. Simon has published essays and poetry in various journals and anthologies as well as several collections of poetry: "Collisions and Transformations," Coffee House Press, 1992; "High Desire," Wingbow Press, 1983; "i rise/ you riz/ we born," Artaud's Elbow, 1981; "Jazz/ is for white girls, too," Poetry for the People, 1977. She co-edited (with John Oliver Simon) "The Caged Collective," Aldebaran Review, 1978 and co-authored (with Jan Johnson Drantell) "A Music I No Longer Heard: The Early Death of a Parent," Simon and Schuster, 1998.

She is the recipient of hero awards from KQED and 92.7 FM and the Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peacemaker Award from Community Boards.

Ms. Simon raised her children in San Francisco. Her daughter is a social worker, and her son is a city planner. She has two grandsons who live in nearby SF neighborhoods.

photo of Terezon Harold Orlando

Harold Orlando Terezon

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

photo of Zaatari Zeina

Zeina Zaatari

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Biography is unavailable at this time.

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