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Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

photo of Broucaret Auguste

Auguste Broucaret

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

A.A., City College of San Francisco

Mr. Auguste Broucaret has been teaching at CCSF for the past 33 years.

His educational goal is to pass on his 47 years of gardening experience in San Francisco in order to make his students the best possible gardeners.

Mr. Broucaret is a member of the San Francisco Gardeners Association, Professional Gardeners Federation of Northern California and the California Landscape Association.

In his leisure time, Mr. Broucaret enjoys cars, scuba diving and gardening.

photo of Broucaret Robert James

Robert James Broucaret

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

A.S., City College of San Francisco

Mr. Robert Broucaret has been teaching at CCSF for the past 18 years.

He tries to give his students a "real world" view of what it is like to work as a landscape professional. He also tries to teach students how to problem-solve in the workplace.

Mr. Broucaret is involved in the San Francisco Professional Gardeners Association (an organization which does community projects with students). Board member of the Potrero Green Benefits District

Mr. Broucaret enjoys auto racing, auto restoration and scuba diving.

photo of Brown Steven W

Steven W Brown

Chair, Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Lifetime Teaching Credential State of California at UC Berkeley
Additional Coursework City College of San Francisco and UC Berkeley Extension

Member Emeritus-American Institute of Floral Designers AIFD
California Certified Florist-CCF
Certified Floral Designer-CFD
Master Florists Association-MFA
Founding Co-President OFAD-Organization of Floral Art Designers

Mr. Brown has been teaching at CCSF for the past 29 years. Is currently serving as the faculty elected Chair for the Environmental Horticulture/Floristry Department. This spring he begins his sixth term.

Steven's goal is to facilitate the best possible learning experience and environment possible in Horticulture and Floral Design.

Steven represents City College in/at many related groups and organizations including: the American Institute of Floral Designers, California State Florists Association (Board Member), Master Florists Association (Board Member), Ikebana International (Lifetime member), the San Francisco Conservatory Advisory Board, Specialty Cut Flowers Growers Association, Teleflora's Northern California/Nevada Unit (Board Member), and is an Honorary member of the San Francisco Garden Club and San Francisco Gardener Apprenticeship Advisory. He is a founding co-president of the Organization of Floral Art Designers, a Board Member of Master Florists Association. Steven is a Certified Floral Designer (CFD) and a California Certified Florist.

Steven also represents the Department with the California Horticultural Society (Lifetime Member) and the San Francisco Professional Gardeners Association, San Francisco Orchid Society and many others.
At City College Steven participates in the Academic Senate, the DCC, DCC Advisory, and serves as the Campus Landscape Advisor, and Foundation Faculty Rep. He is currently appointed to the Facilities committee, Scholarship Committee and others.
He is involved with San Francisco's DPW, PUC, Rec and Parks and other Neighborhood Organizations/City and State agencies.

He has been published in the Florist Review: "Care and Handling of Cut Flowers" and Super Floral Retail: "Cut Flower of the Month" and "Blooming Plant of the Month". Steven is co-author of Teleflora's: "Green and Blooming Plants".

His extracurricular activities include Tennis, Bonsai, Gardening, Knitting, Genealogy and Floral and Horticultural Events. He is a Past President and Lifetime member of the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation and Founder past-president of the San Francisco Tennis Coalition.

photo of Giuliani J Charmain

J Charmain Giuliani

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

A.S., City College of San Francisco

Ms. Giuliani has been teaching at CCSF for the past 20 years.

Her goal is to provide students with opportunities to learn in an open, hands-on classroom not limited to buildings.

She has been published in Strybing Leaflet and Plant Doctor.

In her leisure time, Ms. Giuliani enjoys traveling (particularly to Italy), sketching (particularly plants), cooking, wine and dining.

photo of Hillan J. M

J. Malcolm Hillan

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

B.S. Agricultural Education, University of California, Davis

Mr. Hillan has been teaching at CCSF since 1990.

Mr. Hillan states that "I believe that our department is here first and foremost to serve students. Giving students the basic tools and contacts necessary for a start in the field of horticulture and connecting students to employers in our field" are his goals.

He has served as a member of a variety of campus committees and as an advisor to the CCSF Horticulture Club. He is also the co-author of a text on environmental science and technology. His other memberships include the Bay Area Landscape Supervisors Forum, International Society of Arborists, and the International Plant Propagators Society

In his spare time, he works as a horticultural consultant and a licensed landscape contractor. Malcolm has served on the Residential Users Appeal Board, and fills the Education chair on the Urban Forestry Council, for the City and County of San Francisco.

Not surprisingly, Malcolm enjoys gardening. He is also a fan of a wide range of music.

photo of Money-Collins Holly J

Holly J Money-Collins

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
MS Eq from Cal Poly

Ms. Money-Collins has been teaching at CCSF for over 30 years.

She is dedicated to teaching practices that focus on "learning by doing with style and innovation." Her students have consistently received the highest design awards in national as well as local competitions, graduating to become successful retail florists and garden center operators.

Ms. Money-Collins continues to serve as the Floristry Program Coordinator, a position she's held for over 30 years. During this time, Holly also was department chair for Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department Chair for 15 years. She has worked on numerous College Committees including Faculty Hiring, F-Pac and Faculty Association Budget & Planning to name just a few.

Ms. Money-Collins has designed commentated and written articles professionally for the floral industry for over 30 years. Holly is a distinguished past President of the American Institute of Floral Designers; an international organization that acknowledges and promotes the finest floral designers from around the world. Holly’s floral work has been featured in many exclusive international floral design books and magazines. She is the author of "Glorious Weddings", a historical chapter in "The History of American Florists" and co-authored "Encycloflora", a series of 12 floral design and business textbooks. Her floral designs and articles regularly appear in "Flowers &" and "Florists' Review" magazines, as well as many local newspapers and trade journals. Holly has serves on Teleflora's exclusive Education Specialist Team and as a creative consultant to the Knud Nielsen Company

Recently, Ms. Money-Collins has been part of several inaugural floral design teams charged with constructing the floral arrangements used for the presidential festivities. She has also presented floral programs for the Society of English Floristry, New York Botanical Gardens and numerous floral associations across the country. She has designed for the Pasadena Rose Parade, taught floral design classes in Canada and coordinated courses in Europe.

photo of Sakai Yayoi A

Yayoi A Sakai

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

RIJI, Sogetsu School, Tokyo

Ms. Sakai has been teaching at CCSF for the past 16 years.

Her goal is to help students develop creative self-expression through Japanese flower arrangement, as well as to help them appreciate the beauty of nature.

She has authored the Beginner and Advanced Sogetsu School of Ikebana videos. She has also made a presentation at the Sogetsu Ikebana Flower Design Symposium.

Some of her extracurricular activities include gardening, music, reading, visiting museums and art.

photo of Tabarracci Jenny

Jenny Tabarracci

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

B.A., California State University, Sacramento

Ms. Tabarracci has taught at CCSF for the past 14 years.

Her goal is to instruct, support and promote programs that inspire integrity for creative professional floral design.

She is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD).

photo of Wang Thomas Y

Thomas Y Wang

Environmental Horticulture & Floristry Department

B.A. in Evolution, Ecology, and Animal Behavior University of California, San Diego.
M.S. in Conservation Biology, San Francisco State University

Mr. Wang has been teaching at CCSF since 2005.

Thomas' educational goal is to instill in students the importance of plants to human civilization, and to deepen their appreciation and understanding of the sun, water, and soil. He teaches horticulture as a hands on activity punctuated by lecture and group work. He emphasizes working in the garden as both a viable and excellent career choice, as well as a hobby which will keep a person healthy and strong. Plants are the best teachers one can have.

Prior to working for CCSF, Thomas worked for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department as a gardener in the natural areas, and as a supervisor at the Civic Center Complex. Before these jobs, he worked in the entomology museum at San Francisco State University, and in local gardens and nurseries. He is a licensed landscape contractor, a certified arborist, and a volunteer at the SF Botanical Garden. His photos, papers, and illustrations have appeared in publications by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Department of Agriculture, and various nonprofits. Thomas is currently writing three blogs. One, Floweringrams.wordpress.com, documents horticulture projects by CCSF students. The second - Missionazul.wordpress.com, is a picture curriculum about working with plants and nature. The third is an infrequent documentation of the sights and smells at the San Francisco Botanical Garden - friendsofstrybingarboretum.wordpress.com.

Thomas published a book for beginning gardeners entitled "In the Garden with Blue Butterflies", as well as a children's book about the Mission Blue butterfly called "Bug or Not?". He worked as an illustrator for the book "Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon". His last two books of drawings were "Coyote's Tomb of Secrets" and "Inside Raven's Nest". He belongs to the Mycological Society of San Francisco, the San Francisco Naturalist Society, San Bruno Mountain Watch, San Francisco Gem and MIneral Society, the San Francisco Professional Gardeners Association, and the California Native Plant Society.

When he has leisure time, Mr. Wang enjoys making things and napping.

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