General Information

Instructors are expected to assign one official midterm grade and one final grade for each student. This does not preclude giving students periodic progress reports throughout the school term. Such practice is encouraged and is a benefit to the student and the instructor. All student records, both credit and non-credit, are on-line in the ISIS system. Faculty may retrieve them by using "01" for credit or "02" for non-credit.

Use of Midterm and Final Grade Reports

The main purpose of assigning grades is to provide a method for establishing a student's academic progress. It also serves to provide information to employers (at the student's written request), various federal, state and local government agencies, as well as to serve as the basis for the awarding of various scholarships. Consequently, any error in the assignment of a grade may result in a serious injustice to the student. (Barclays California Code of regulations, Section 55758)


Scope of Midterm Grades

The grade assigned at the end of the midterm period should reflect the student's actual progress during that period.

Midterm Grade of Incomplete

A midterm grade of INCOMPLETE (I) should be assigned only if the required course work is not complete due to illness or other circumstances beyond the control of the student.

Changing of Midterm Grades

Midterm grades are not entered into a student's permanent record. However, if an error was made in the assignment of a student's grade, it should be changed by the instructor, utilizing the appropriate form (available at the Office of A. & R.) and submitting it to the Office of Admissions and Records. Midterm grading errors can adversely affect a student's financial aid and veterans' educational benefits eligibility.


The final grade should reflect the instructor's assessment of how the student has accomplished the educational goals and objectives of the course. The criteria for grading MUST be made clear to the students and should be contained in the course syllabus.


Final examinations are required in all courses except those which are excluded by the Provost. Final examinations MUST be given on the dates and at the time published in the Time Schedule. Approval by the Provost is necessary for any change. Students are required to take final examinations with the section in which they enrolled (General Rules and Regs. - Final Exams, College Catalog). Final examinations are to be kept for a period of three years if not returned to the student.

Final Grade of Incomplete

A final grade of incomplete should be assigned ONLY if illness or other unusual circumstances beyond the control of the student prevented the student from taking the final examination or meeting the course requirements.

When an instructor assigns a final grade of Incomplete (I), a Record of Incomplete Form (available at the Office of A. & R.) must be completed and filed at the time final grades are submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records. This form specifies the conditions the student must meet in order to remove the Incomplete. This form also specifies the grade that should be recorded if the Incomplete is not removed. This form becomes part of the student's permanent record.


Instructors may not assign a final grade of "W" if the Incomplete is not removed.

The student receiving a final grade of Incomplete must contact her/his instructor and meet the conditions set within one month after the first day of instruction in the student's next regular (fall or spring) semester of attendance, or no later than one year from the last day of instruction in the semester of issuance, whichever date comes first in accordance with the College Catalog.

To remove a final grade of Incomplete, the instructor must complete a Removal of Incomplete Grade Form, available at the Office of Admissions and Records. Conditions under which an Incomplete grade can be removed are described in the College Catalog. This form also becomes part of the student's permanent record.

If a student is unable to remove a final grade of Incomplete within the specified time as a result of unusual circumstances beyond the control of the student, s/he, after consultation with the instructor, may petition the Provost for an extension of time.


Instructors are expected to follow the current grading policies as described in the College Catalog and Grading Policy Handbook (available from all chairpersons and at all libraries).

Changing of Final Grades

Normally, a final grade (whether a letter or Credit/No Credit) will not be changed after being submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. If there are extenuating circumstances and a change of grade appears advisable, the instructor must file a Petition for Grade Change Form which may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office. No final grades, other than Incomplete, may be changed by the faculty based on work completed after the close of the semester.

Students may challenge grades through the Student Grade and File Review process (see FH pg. 52).

Grades must be corrected if they are a result of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompe tency [Title 5, California Administrative Code, 55760(a), Education Code, 76224(a)]. Grades given in error must be expunged from the record.


After filing a study list, a student may change it only by filing a properly approved Change of Program Form (available at Office of A. & R.) with the Admissions and Records Office not later than on the final date stated in the "Calendar of Instruction". (see the College Catalog.)

If a student withdraws from a course, Information Technology Services will send a notice to the instructor from whose class the student has withdrawn. The instructor then removes the student's name from the class list.


The District has provided means through which students may gain credit by examination. For details, see College Catalog.


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