Legal Basis

The California State Education Code provides the primary legal basis for the statewide agency which governs community colleges -- The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges -- and for the local District and its Board of Trustees.

The California Community Colleges

Regulations determined by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges and by the Office of the State Chancellor are also binding on the District. The Office of the Chancellor is located at 1107 Ninth Street, Sacramento, California, 95814.


The Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Community College District governs the local District under authority delegated by the State as specifically authorized in the Education Code. The authority, organization, and duties of the Board of Trustees are detailed in Chapter I of the District Policy Manual and Administrative Regulations.

The Board of Trustees is composed of seven members elected at large for four-year terms. In conformity with its power and duties under law, the Board of Trustees assumes full responsibility for the general control and direction of the District.

The Board of Trustees recognizes the U.S. and California Constitutions, the California Education Code, the California Administrative Code, Title 5, all applicable federal and state laws, and the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco as sources of its authority to establish and conduct a program of education with the San Francisco Community College District. Anything contained herein that is inconsistent with these sources shall be void.

Regular meetings of the Board are usually scheduled on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Pierre Coste Room, 50 Phelan Avenue Campus. Procedures have been adopted for granting the privilege of the floor to individuals desiring to address the Board. Minutes of public Board meetings are public records, open to inspection by any citizen by prior arrangement with the secretary to the Board of Trustees. The agenda is posted at 33 Gough Street, 50 Phelan Avenue Campus, the San Francisco Main Library, and sent to an established campus list 72 hours prior to regular meetings.

P.M.3.02 "Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action" states that it is the policy of the San Francisco Community College District to provide equal employment opportunity for all persons in all job categories of employment. Such equality of opportunity shall be based on job-related, bona fide, occupational qualifications and shall be without discrimination because of race, color, ethnic group identification, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, medical conditions, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-Era veteran.

P.M.5.07 "Equal Educational Opportunity for Students" states that it is the policy of the San Francisco Community College District to provide all persons with equal educational opportunities in all of its educational programs and activities regardless of race, color, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.

Affirmative Action Office

The primary functions of the District Affirmative Action Office are to implement the District's staff diversity and affirmative action program and to investigate all discrimination complaints filed by students, staff, or job applicants. Discrimination complaints include, but are not limited to, unlawful employment discrimination complaints, sexual harassment (employees P.M. 3.29, students P.M. 5.08), Title IX (student equity) violations, and ADA/504 (disability related) violations. The District complies with federal, state and local non-discrimination statutes, regulations, policies, and rules. The District Affirmative Action Officer is the person responsible for receiving complaints alleging a violation of the District's non-discrimination policy.

For further information, call or write the Office of Affirmative Action, (415) 241-2281, 33 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate by law and custom is the primary source of expertise to the Board of Trustees on academic and professional matters. The Senate provides leadership in establishing educational priorities and in developing and maintaining academic and professional standards. All members of the faculty are members of the Senate. The Executive Council of 29 Senate members serves as the representative body of the Senate to make recommendations regarding academic and professional matters and other matters concerning the welfare of the District.

The Academic Senate priorities are as expressed in the following items.

  1. The Senate shall participate fully in all shared governance activities.
  2. The Senate, to the greatest extent possible, shall include all segments of the faculty when developing positions on academic and professional matters, as well as other matters in which it is appropriate for the faculty to be represented by the Senate.
  3. All committees shall be given proper support in order to be able to function effectively.
  4. The Senate shall encourage and develop new leadership at all levels of its operation.
  5. The Senate shall keep up to date on community college issues at the State level, and the Senate shall participate in state-wide activities including State Chancellor's workshops, State Board meetings, State Senate meetings, state task forces, and faculty organization workshops.
The Senate office is in E-202. (Ext. 3611, Box E-202)

See Appendix A: Shared Governance Document; B: Academic Senate Constitution and By-Laws.

Faculty Union - AFT Local 2121

Faculty are required to join the American Federation of Teachers, Local 2121 or pay a service fee to AFT for the cost of representation as a condition of continued employment in the District.

AFT 2121 negotiates a contract with the District covering salaries, benefits, evaluation procedures, and other conditions of work. Contact AFT 2121 for a copy of the contract, the name of your campus representative, or for other related information.

    Address:  311 Miramar Avenue, San Francisco, CA  94112
    Phone:    (415) 585-2121
    Fax:      (415) 585-4305

Department Chairpersons' Council

Department chairpersons are represented by the Department Chairpersons' Council. Department Chairpersons are faculty members elected as immediate departmental supervisors by the faculty members of their respective departments and appointed by the administration for three (3) year terms (renewable). The DCC negotiates, under the supervisory provision of the State Collective Bargaining Law, a Contract with the District covering department chairpersons' reassigned time, stipends, the chairpersons' election, evaluation, and supervisory duties and responsibili ties.

Copies of the DCC contract are available at any campus library, offices of department chairs, or the Employee Relations Office. The latter office can identify the current DCC president.


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