City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco has created lifetime email account for all currently registered credit students.You should have received two welcoming emails containing your new email address and password.

Email FAQ

How can I find my City College email address?

There are two ways to find out your City College email address:

1.       When a City College email address is created for you, the email administrator will send two messages to the email address you supplied. The first will contain your City College email address and the URL used to access mail. The second email will contain the initial password for your email account.

2.       You can logon to Web4, go to the personal page and your email address will be displayed along with the initial password.

How do I access my City College mail account?

Access to your City College email account is via a web browser (such as IE, Firefox, or Chrome). The url to use is:

You will be asked for your Username and password

What do I have to do the first time I access my City College email account?

The first time you access your City College email account, you will be asked to choose a password. Please enter it in both the Choose a password box and the Re-enter password box. If you want the menus displayed in a language other than English, select the language you want. Finally, type in the characters you see in the box (this is used to keep bots from harvesting accounts).If you agree with the terms and conditions of usage, press the I Accept. Create my account. Button and you can begin using your City College email account.If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, press the Cancel button and an email account will not be created for you.

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password you must:

         Logon to your CCSF email account

         Click on the Settings button

         Select the Accounts tab

         Click on the Change Password link

         Follow the instructions

         Click the Change Password Button to make the change

Password must contain at least six characters, of while at least one must be a number.

I canít remember my password, how do I reset it?

If you are unable to remember your password, you can logon to Web4 and press the reset password button.This will create a new password and display it. Use this new password to logon to your City College email account and change the password to one that you can remember.

The steps to do this are:

         Login onto Web4from the CCSF Admissions and Records web page

         Click on the Student Services and Financial Aid link

         Click on the Google Student Email link

         Click on the Reset Password button.The new password will display in a few seconds.

Why do I need another email address?

The purpose of your City College email account is to give you an environment where you are able to receive all your official City College email. Also, as more features become available, you will be able to use the various applications attached to the start page.

How can I forward City College email to another email address?

Yes, you can forward your City College email to another email address by following these instructions:

         Logon to your CCSF email account

         Click on the Settings button

         Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

         Select the Forwarding a copy . . . radio button

         Enter the email address you want the messages delivered to

         Click on the Save Changes button

I deleted a mail message. Can it be recovered?

No, once a mail message is deleted, we are unable to recover it.