Biking to City College


Bicycling is a fun, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to get to campus.  It’s also great way to stay in shape during your busy life as a student.  Another benefit of cycling is that you can make your own schedule.  No wasted time circling for car parking!


This page contains information on:


·        San Francisco Bicycle Route Maps

·        Urban Bicycle Education Classes

·        Learning how to Tune-Up Your Own Bike

·        Bike Theft Prevention

·        Bike Safety Information

·        Getting Involved in San Francisco’s Bicycle Community

·        Starter Routes for Cycling to City College’s Ocean Campus

·        Bike Parking at Ocean Campus



City College Cyclist Resource List


San Francisco Bike Map and Walking Guide


Several of CCSF’s campuses are on major bike routes, and all of the campuses are accessible by bike.  Visit to link to the citywide bike network map, which shows you all the city’s bike lanes, official bike routes, and the location and street grade of the city’s infamous hills.  Experienced SF cyclists don’t bike over the hills, they bike around them!


FREE Urban Bicycle Education Classes


If you’re nervous about pedaling in the city, take a free Urban Bike Education class taught by a League of American Bicyclist certified instructor and sponsored by the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.  For more information on these free classes, visit:


Learn How to Tune-Up Your Bike


The San Francisco Bike Kitchen is a volunteer run organization where participants learn to fix flats, change cables, overhaul hubs, and more: There is also a group of students on City College’s Ocean campus who are organizing an on-campus bike kitchen, the Urban Sustainability Alliance.


Bike Theft Prevention


Learn how to lock your bike properly or it will get stolen!


Bicycle Safety Information


You can find info on riding a bike safely and comfortably in the city on the Municipal Transportation Authority’s website: and on the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s website:


Get Involved In Bike Advocacy and the SF Bike Community


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s website is a great resource for learning about bike advocacy and safety. It is also full of helpful information about cycling in wet weather, taking your bike on transit, and fun upcoming bike events:


Bike Routes to CCSF Ocean Campus


Please note: These routes can help get you started.  As you bike to campus, you will undoubtedly discover your own preferred tricks and side streets. You can also view a map of city-wide bike routes (which includes the bike lanes and paths that connect to these routes) at  Another important resource is talking to your fellow cyclists about their routes. Ask other CCSF riders how they get to school; you’ll find a route that is right for your comfort and speed.


From the Northwest:

Outer Sunset:

Take 34th Ave. south, turn left onto Sloat Blvd, right on 21st Ave., left on Ocean Ave and follow it until making a left on Phelan Ave.



Take 20th Ave. south, turn right on Wawona for one block then and quickly left into Stern Grove Park at 21st Ave. After crossing Stern Grove and Sloat Ave, continue south to Ocean Ave, turn left on Ocean and follow it until making a left on Phelan Ave.


Inner Sunset:

Take 6th Ave. south, make a right on Kirkham, then a left on 7th Ave. which turns into Laguna Honda.  Follow Laguna Honda until veering right onto Dewey, then left on Claremont, right on Portola, then left on Santa Clara which turns into Monterey. Follow Monterey until making a right onto Gennesee which will lead you into the north side of campus.


From the Northeast/Mission Area:

Take the Valencia St. bike lane south, turn right onto the Tiffany St. bike boulevard, turn right onto 29th St., then a quick left onto San Jose Ave.  Follow the San Jose bike lane until the Arlington/Wilder/Bosworth exit (follow bike lane).  Follow Wilder to Diamond, turn left onto Diamond and right onto Monterey.  Follow Monterey straight onto Circular Ave. From Circular Ave., you can either turn right on Hearst, left on Gennesee, and head into the north side of campus, or follow Circular until you can turn right on Marston Ave which will lead you into campus from the east side. (Please note that the return route to the Mission is different and can be a bit trickier.  Riders who are less comfortable riding in heavy traffic may want to try riding back on Circular to Monterey to Diamond in Glen Park then over Chenery (see Otherwise, riders more comfortable in heavy traffic can follow Circular back to Monterey, go straight on Monterey towards Glen Park for a block, then take a right onto the overpass marked San Jose Ave. North.  After cycling over the overpass, and a short stretch of San Jose with no bike lanes, the San Jose bike lane will begin and carry you into the Mission.)


From the Southeast:

Take Bayshore Blvd. north, turn left and follow Silver Ave. Take a left onto the Alemany Blvd. bike lane (or alternately, take quiet Cayuga which is one block west), take a right on Ocean Ave, then a right on Phelan Ave.


Bike Parking at Ocean Campus


Bike racks on Ocean campus are marked by Bicycle Parking on the campus map at: