Carin C Zimmerman

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Fall 2014 Teaching Schedule
BTEC 5 Briefings in Biotechnology 1.0 72268 001 Lec W 04:10-06:00PM 10/08-12/10 SCIE A200 Deadlines Final Book
BTEC 5-001 is a series of "Biotechnology Seminars". This is a short course with a late start. For more information contact the instructor
BTEC 10 Rsrch Skills for Career Opport 2.0 72270 551 L/L R 06:00-09:50PM 1125 Valencia St. A364 Deadlines Final Book
BTEC 10-361 and 551 are part of a learning community for Bridge to Bioscience. Concurrent enrollmoent in BTEC 107 and 108A is required. For more information, contact Li Lovett by email:
BTEC 21B Fluorescent Cell Technology 2.0
PREREQ.: BTEC 21 or 21A
72069 001 L/L M W F 09:10-12:00PM 10/27-12/10 SCIE U003 Deadlines Final Book
NOTE: This is a short course with a late start.
BTEC 21D Intr Stem Cell Tech Internship 4.0
75542 G01 Lec M 06:10-10:00PM SCIE U133 Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST BTEC 115 Recombinant DNA Biotechnology 5.0
72274 001 L/L M W 01:10-05:25PM SCIE U335 Deadlines Final Book


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