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 Spring 2014 
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Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
O H 50 Intro To Environ. Horticulture 3.0 31277 501 L/L R 05:10-09:50PM OH UF2 Deadlines Final Book O H 53A Landscape Horticulture 3.0
ADVISE: OH 53A: OH 50 and completion/concurrent enrollment in OH 76 or 77.
35820 001 L/L T 09:10-03:00PM OH UH2 Deadlines Final Book O H 53B Landscape Horticulture 3.0 35821 001 L/L T 09:10-03:00PM OH UH2 Deadlines Final Book O H 55 Tree Care 3.0
ADVISE: O H 50, 53A;and completion/concurrent enrollment in O H 76 or 77
35235 001 L/L W 09:10-01:50PM EHF  Deadlines Book O H 70A Landscape Design 3.0 35822 001 L/L F 09:10-02:00PM OH UH2 Deadlines Final Book O H 91 Independent Study 1.0
PREREQ.: 6 units of O H course work and project approval
35816 001 Con W 03:10-04:00PM OH UF2 Deadlines Book O H 92 Independent Study 2.0
PREREQ.: 6 units of O H course work and project approval
35818 001 Con W 04:10-05:00PM OH UF2 Deadlines Book O H 93 Independent Study 3.0
REQ.: 6 units of O H course work and project approval
35819 501 Con W 05:10-06:00PM OH  Deadlines Final Book

B.A. in evolution, ecology, and animal behavior University of California, San Diego.
M.S. in conservation biology, San Francisco State University

Mr. Wang has been teaching at CCSF since 2005.

Thomas' educational goal is to instill in students the importance of plants to human civilization, and to deepen their appreciation and understanding of the sun, water, and soil. He teaches horticulture as a hands on activity punctuated by lecture and group work. He emphasizes working in the garden as both a viable and excellent career choice, as well as a hobby which will keep a person healthy and strong. Plants are the best teachers one can have.

Prior to working for CCSF, Thomas worked for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department as a gardener in the natural areas and as a supervisor at the Civic Center Complex. Before these jobs, he worked in the entomology museum at SF State, and in the nursery and gardens of SF Botanical Garden. He is a licensed landscape contractor, a certified arborist, and a volunteer at the SF Botanical Garden. He has published photos, papers, and illustrations related to the study of ecology and most specifically, butterflies. Thomas is currently writing two blogs. One,, documents horticulture projects by CCSF students. The other,, describes his work with gardens and nature.

Thomas has published a book for beginning gardeners entitled "In the Garden with Blue Butterflies", as well as a children's book about the Mission Blue butterfly called "Bug or Not?". He worked as an illustrator for the book "Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon", and just finished a nature study book entitled "Coyote's Tomb of Secrets". He belongs to the Mycological Society of San Francisco, the San Francisco Naturalist Society, San Bruno Mountain Watch, San Francisco Gem and MIneral Society, and the San Francisco Professional Gardeners Association.

When he has leisure time, Mr. Wang enjoys making things and napping.

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