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HLTH 90B Harm Reduction and Health 0.5 34535 601 Lec SAT 10:10-02:25PM 04/26-05/03 MUB A357 Deadlines Final Book HLTH 91C Hepatitis ABC's 1.0 31682 591 Lec T 07:10-09:00PM 02/11-04/08 MUB A340 Deadlines Final Book

B.A., Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio; M.S., San Francisco State University

Ms. Roth has been teaching at CCSF since 1978.

She believes that good health is the foundation of happiness, and that everyone can learn the knowledge and skills to improve their health and the health of their families, contributing to the health of our communities and nation.

With information and experiential activities, Ms. Roth tries to provide a lively mix whereby students can take charge of their health as well as understand important issues in public health. Her approach is holistic and feminist, honoring the body, mind and spirit, investigating diverse approaches to health and health care, helping students become wise health care consumers.

She is a long-time member and previous precinct representative of AFT 2121, a member of the Women's Caucus, co-director of Project SAFE, and has produced Safer Sex Playshops &>amp; Fairs 1991-2001. She is a previous Faculty Sponsor of the Safe Sex Club, CCSF AIDS Advisory Board and has been a Flex Day speaker.

Ms. Roth is a member of the Women's Health Educators Network, Women's Health Rights Coalition Teleconference Educator/Speaker, and Women's Health series, University of Texas. She is a former Board Member of the Min An Health Center, Women's AIDS Network, and San Francisco Women's Health Center. Ms. Roth is also listed in &>quot;Who's Who in American College Teachers&>quot;.

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