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 Spring 2014 
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PHIL 2 Intro to Phil: Moral & Politic 3.0 30411 501 Lec T 06:40-09:30PM CLOU U259 Deadlines Final Book

B.A. in Philosophy New Mexico State University 2006
M.A. in Philosophy San Francisco State University 2011

Prof. Morales has been teaching at CCSF since 2011

With every class I teach, I will make sure that students understand the fundamentals for developing their natural skills of critical thinking. If students hone their critical thinking skills, then the understanding of philosophical texts (or any argumentative prose) becomes an easier task. If understanding becomes easier, then not only will students do well in my class, but in EVERY class they will take EVER. Furthermore, these critical thinking skills will also carry over into one's everyday life, which will improve one's political and socioeconomic choices drastically.

I will also teach my students how to WRITE critically, which will pay dividends in their academic life as well as their personal lives, too.

I volunteer with SF Environment from time to time.

As a graduate student at SFSU, I had one article published in the academic journal Southwest Philosophical Studies titled "Stroud's Silent Skepticism". I have also participated in a handful of philosophical conferences. Fun stuff. You get to travel AND argue with other philosophers.

I love to read and write--philosophy and fiction, it doesn't matter so long as the prose takes you on a journey. I used to play in rock'n'roll bands. I have toured with these bands all over the US and Europe. Lately, I've been dabbling with standup comedy.

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