Mik William Moore

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 Fall 2014 
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Fall 2014 Teaching Schedule
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 3.0
ADVISE: ENGL 92 or ESL 160 or placement in ENGL 93 or ESL 170
70681 010 Lec T R 11:10-12:25PM ARTX U267 Deadlines Final Book 74734 012 Lec T R 12:40-01:55PM ARTX U267 Deadlines Final Book 71974 501 Lec R 06:10-09:00PM BATL U553 Deadlines Final Book

M.A. Geography, University of Cambridge, England
Ph.D Sociology, University of Kent, England

Prof. Moore has been teaching at CCSF since 1995

My teaching philosophy is to share my love of learning and have a lot of fun doing it, to stimulate the development of an inquisitive mind, and to radically question the status quo. I also seek to introduce students to social science methodology and theory in order to help them develop systematic and rigorous thought processes, the ability to evaluate evidence and argument, and the skills of articulating ideas cogently and coherently.

I have been researching and publishing in the field of sociology for many years, beginning with my doctoral research in the early 1970s. My current research focusses on the interaction between human society and the natural environment. My work on water issues has appeared in the reader "Environmental Sociology: from analysis to action", edited by Leslie King and Deborah McCarthy,2005, and an article in "Organization and Environment", September, 1998.

My other interests and concerns are hiking, recording music on garageband,and being a dad - my son is 14.

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