David M Lisker

Photo of David M Lisker Department English as a Second Language (ESL) Department 
 Office Batmale Hall 382
 Phone (415) 239-3863
 Mailbox L313
 E-Mail dlisker@ccsf.edu
 Spring 2014 
 Office Hours
Spring 2014 Teaching Schedule
ESL 110 Introductory Academic ESL 6.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 110
31688 501 Lec T R 06:40-09:30PM CLOU U267 Deadlines Final Book ESL 122 Low-Intermed. Listening/Spkg. 2.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 122 or completion of ESL 112
31576 001 Lec M W 11:10-12:25PM SCIE U113 Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST ESL 150 Advanced Academic ESL 5.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 150 or completion of ESL 140. Requires an additional 1 hour.
31587 009 C/L F 01:40-02:55PM MUB A171 Deadlines Final Book M W 01:40-03:30PM MUB A171

B.A., San Francisco State University - US History 1865-Present; Film; Journalism M.A., University of California, Berkeley - Education Administration and Evaluation UC Berkeley Extension - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Professor Lisker has been teaching ESL since 1983 and at CCSF since 1991.

My instructional/educational philosophy is to provide useful and relevant lessons to ESL students to help improve their study of the English language sufficently towards meeting their own respective academic .and personal language learning goals.

Current member of the CCSF Credit Curriculum Committee; Former member of the CCSF International Education Committee, WASC Accreditation Committee, CCSF Staff Development Committee and CCSF Academic Senate Executive Council.

A Guide to US English - A workbook that outlines the key differences between British and US English pronunciation including tables, examples and dialogues for ESL/EFL students.

Folk Music; Old Time Radio; Film; Theater; Baseball; Travel

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