Aaron Holmberg

Photo of Aaron Holmberg Department Broadcast Electronic Media Arts (Services) 
 Office Arts Extension 169
 Phone (415) 452-5678
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 E-Mail aholmber@mail.ccsf.edu
 Fall 2014 
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I provide audiovisual and technical services and support as an Operations Technician (***). As a data manager, I live webcast, coordinate captioning services, and archive the meetings of the CCSF Board of Trustees (See www.ccsf.edu/boardlive) and various other programs and meetings (See www.ccsf.edu/webcast). I have been very actively engaged in review and maintenance of online content (especially 2009-2012), and I have been working on accreditation-related committees since 2011.

*** I produce and engineer educational audio programs, train faculty on certain technical products, maintain and repair a variety of equipment, deliver and schedule video and related equipment, and supervise student checkout of video and audio production items.

My lifelong learning includes education and work experience in a variety of fields. I earned a BBA (International Business with honors, Grand Valley State University) and an MBA (E-Business, University of Phoenix); I completed educational programs in Krakow, Poland, and Guadalajara, Mexico; and I hold a certificate in Digital Radio from CCSF. My employment experience includes the fields of radio, marketing, insurance and legal services, real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, and personal training. I also worked as a prep cook at a family-style French restaurant in NE Paris (France, not Tennessee), and as a bouncer at a posh (at the time) dance club in Guadalajara, Mexico. I am currently working on advanced personal and group fitness training certifications. If I am not learning, then I am regressing, so I keep moving forward.

Feel free to bring me chocolate chip cookies or carrots. Or diamonds. I like diamonds.

My volunteer service work has included: youth soccer referee, youth soccer coach, HRC and No-On-Prop-8 fund raising, and religious/political-related foundational support services. I like to stay busy.

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