Dana T Galloway

Photo of Dana T Galloway Department Broadcast Electronic Media Arts (Services) 
 Office Arts Extension 169
 Phone (415) 452-5687
 Mailbox A6
 E-Mail dgallowa@ccsf.edu
 Fall 2014 
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Broadcast Media Services, TIA Media Services Manager.

Dana has worked at City College of San Francisco for more than 20 years. She coordinates most of Media Service's activities, serving the entire college community. She hires and supervises interns; she schedules facilities and classrooms; she fills district-wide requests for tape duplications and videotapings of classroom and event presentations; she coordinates satellite downlinks, and she fills instructors' requests for audio/video equipment. Her job is awesome and her work is tireless! Dana Galloway is a bit shy and often self effacing but we have witnessed her in action and know well how essential she is to the smooth operations of Media Services and the audio/visual needs of the many City College campuses.

After graduating from high school Dana attended City College of San Francisco -- taking her time completing her AA degree while starting a family. After finishing CCSF Dana transferred to San Francisco State University, majoring in Anthropology. Dana has said - "I've worked in all kinds of places, for all kinds of people, doing all kinds of things". Her sense of humor shows when she says "I'm currently employed at City College pushing buttons, pushing paper and pushing people."

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