Richard Harris Baum

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 Summer 2014 
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POLS 1 American Government 3.0 52581 581 Lec MTWR 12:00-02:05PM 06/16-07/25 88 4th St. U818 Deadlines Book

B.A., University of Colorado; M.A., University of California at Santa Barbara

I have been teaching at colleges throughout the Bay Area for over thirty years and at CCSF for seventeen.

As your instructor, my major goal is to guide you to a better understanding of how our political system works, and why it functions the way it does. I also hope my class will help you further develop critical thinking skills.

I am well aware that many of my students must take American Government to fulfill a requirement, and may have little interest in the subject matter. This is why I try to establish early on in the term how the government impacts all of our lives. Gaining an understanding about the government is valuable if you want to learn about your place in society, and how to solve problems to create a better one.

I also hope you will leave my class with improved skills that will help you be successful in the other classes you take.

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