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ART 109 History of Contemporary Art 3.0 71764 581 Lec W 06:00-08:50PM 88 4th St. U821 Deadlines Final Book

Master of Fine Arts San Jose State University

Prof. Touze has been teaching at CCSF since 2007 and has taught at various universities and art schools before then:
California State University of Moneterey Bay
San Francisco Art Institute
College of Arts and Crafts
San Jose Sate University
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

I am fortunate to have lived in 3 countries: France-Mexico and here in the US. Hence, I speak three languages everyday of my life. As a teacher I strive to be inclusive and my rich life experiences as women, an immigrant and working with students with learning disabilities has taught valuable human lessons. As a transplanted San Franciscan, I relish the gender diversity this city has to offer.

To me, artworks from the past are not items that gather dust in museums or static images in books. Art history is intricately related to many topics that affect us today: diversity, war, gender relationships and women's representation and automomy... To me art history is alive!

Learning about art history is not about lengthy lists of dates, being locked up in a dark room and dozing off with a monotonous voice... In my class you will see engaging powerpoint presentations, you will discuss class content with peers as it relates to today and also try your hands at making art once in a while so you can understand better some concepts.

To me learning about art history is about acquiring the necessary tools to "see" art, understand it in its broader context and ultimately "own" it. Indeed, I believe that art is part of our cultural birth right and we should use it in order to understsand who we are, where we have been and where we might go in the future.

Art is beautiful, heart wrenching and a complex reflection of our human endeavors. As one of my returning student once said about my passion for teaching art to a new student: "Careful! It's contagious..." My hope is to share that passion with many.

I have been part of various organizations:
- Women's Caucus for the Arts
- College Art Association
- California Lawyers for the Arts

I am a both an art history teacher and a practicing artist (sculptor). I have shown in the Bay area and abroad for 12 years . Also, because I am quiet interested in the field of early childhood education, I decided to teach art to young children (3 to 5 years old in particular) a few years ago. For this, I also took early childhood education classes here at CCSF (so I remember what it's like to be a student too!) I have taught to young children at various organizations in San Francisco: "First 5" - "French Lycee La Perouse" ...

Art, multiculturalism and good pedagogy are topics that interest me greatly and I pursue in various forms in my life.


I enjoy many things for my down time:
Sports of predilection are boxing and swimming.
I like gardening with drought resistant plants.
Spending time with my children.
I love traveling in Mexico and France in particular. I relish adventurous long road trips, like one I took 2 years ago with my husband Jorge and 2 kids. We drove plus 2000 miles taking ONLY the back roads in Southern Mexico (Yucatan and Chiapas) for a couple months
More recently I was lucky to go Spain, Ireland and Paris (enjoying Museo Del Prado, Centre George Pompidou and Musee d'Orsay!) Coming back with fresh pics of master pieces details for my lectures ... :-)

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