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Fall 2014 Teaching Schedule
CS 110A Intro to Programming: C++ 3.0
ADVISE: MATH 40 or 840
71804 002 L/C M W 03:10-05:00PM BATL U413 Deadlines Final Book
Hands-on Learning in a lab enviornment.

B.S. in Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College, 1995;
M.S. in Computer Science, New York University, 2001

Mr. Persiko has been teaching at CCSF since 1999. He has chaired the Computer Science Department since Fall, 2011.

He has an informal, conversational style with students. "I focus more on helping students develop problem solving skills than I do on terminology or theory."

Mr. Persiko chairs the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) at CCSF, and has been involved with the CCSF Bicycle Club and the Parking and Transportation Committee.

Mr. Persiko is a member of the MPICT regional leadership council:

He bicycles to work each day, and otherwise spend most of his time with his husband and their children.

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