J. Malcolm Hillan

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 Fall 2014 
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Fall 2014 Teaching Schedule
O H 50 Intro To Environ. Horticulture 3.0 70137 001 L/L R 09:10-02:00PM OH UH1 Deadlines Final Book O H 58 Greenhouse Production 3.0
ADVISE: O H 50, 65, and O H 76 or 77, or significant field experience
76201 001 L/L W 01:10-06:00PM OH UH2 Deadlines Final Book O H 60 Business Practices in Env Hort 3.0 76144 501 Lec M 06:40-09:30PM OH U002 Deadlines Final Book O H 66 Irrigation 3.0
ADVISE: O H 50 and 53A, or demonstration of exit skills
76198 591 L/L T 06:10-10:00PM OH  Deadlines Book O H 97 Work Experience 1.0
COREQ.: Enrollment in an Environmental Horticulture course and approval of OH Work Experience coordinator. ADVISE: OH 50 and either OH 76 or OH 77 Repeat: Maximum credit: 12 units
75950 501 Exp HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book T 04:10-05:00PM OH U002

B.S., University of California, Davis

Mr. Hillan has been teaching at CCSF for the past 12 years.

Mr. Hillan states that &>quot;I believe that our department is here first and foremost to serve students. Giving students the basic tools and contacts necessary for a start in the field of horticulture and connecting students to employers in our field&>quot; are his goals.

He is a member of the Contract Education Subcommittee and an advisor to the CCSF Horticulture Club. He is also the co-author of a text on environmental science and technology. His other memberships include the Bay Area Landscape Supervisor's Forum, International Society of Arborists, and the International Small Plant Propagators' Society

In his leisure time, he enjoys working as a horticultural consultant and a licensed landscape contractor.

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