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 Fall 2014 
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Fall 2014 Teaching Schedule
SPCH 11 Basic Public Speaking 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 93 or ESL 160; or placement in ENGL 96 or ESL 170
70975 501 Lec R 06:40-09:30PM CLOU U268 Deadlines Final Book SPCH 20 Interpersonal Communication 3.0 73063 001 Lec T R 12:40-01:55PM CLOU U268 Deadlines Final Book 70990 501 Lec T 06:00-08:50PM CLOU U268 Deadlines Final Book

B.A. in Business Education, M.A. in Communication, both from Michigan State University. Completed doctoral coursework in Communication at University of Kansas.

Ms. Frahm has been a member of the CCSF speech faculty for several years.

Her educational goal is to create a safe environment conducive to learning in which students can face speech anxiety and decrease it through practice. Students learn best by doing, so her classes are interactive with the focus on the students rather than on the instructor.

Ms. Frahm is a Precinct Representative for AFT 2121. In addition, she provides communication-related classes to employees in organizations.

In her leisure time she enjoys yoga and hiking.

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