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Dance Department

B.A., San Francisco State University; M.F.A., Mills College

Professor Wesley has taught Physical Education/Dance in the Bay Area for forty-two years.

However, her first teaching experience at City College was as a substitute instructor for the Tap, Modern, and the African-Haitian classes during the Spring of 1990. She assumed the duties of teaching a semester of Jazz, late Wednesday nights, during the fall of the same year. After a five year hiatus, Jacquelene returned with a purpose. She hopes that her instructional approaches will impart continual lessons to students, lessons that open channels which will help them acknowledge their own mental, physical and emotional potential within--breeding educational success. Her classroom activities reflect learner-centered techniques incorporating a variety of methods for instruction.

Ms. Wesley has directed mini-concerts for her Summer Sessions at CCSF; co-directed the "Weave The Web To Peace" fall dance concert, in 2003. She was a member of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges--1994-2010. As an outreach effort, she has coordinated, choreographed and performed for U.C. Berkeley's Black Staff and Faculty Organization fundraiser,"Collage of Spirit," 2003. In 2004, she created "The Funktion," an open movement forum showcase intended to bring students and dance faculty together on Saturday mornings. This event provides lecture demonstrations, dress rehearsals, performances, and the ability for the beginners, who have never taken a Physical Education/Dance class prior, to observe and become familiar with various genres/movement styles/techniques as well as participate and look forward to "The Funktion" each semester. Jacquelene and CCSF students welcomed seventh grade guest performers of Oakland's Elmhurst Alliance Academy, taught by her former high school student, to The Funktion--fall, 2009; Eddie Madril, Yaqui Native American, lectured and performed a traditional Lakota Hoop Dance--fall, 2010. Her most recent contributions to the curriculum of CCSF were the courses she wrote--Movement Improvisation and Dance Improvisation.

In her leisure time, Jacquelene enjoys writing poetry, attending orchids, performing on occasion for educational events, cornrowing hair styles, designing and sewing costumes for informal student performances/photo shoots. Jacquelene is a Movement Arts Consultant for community artists in the Bay Area.

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