Laura Walsh

Photo of Laura Walsh Department English as a Second Language (ESL) Department 
 Office Batmale Hall 362
 Phone (415) 452-7139
 Mailbox L225
 Fall 2013 
 Office Hours
Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
ESL 75 Intermed Editing & Grammar Rev 2.0
PREREQ.: Completion of ESL 130 with a grade of C or higher or placement in ESL 140 or ESL 150 ADVISE: Concurrent enrollment in ESL 140 or 150
71834 002 Lec T R 11:10-12:25PM ART U312 Deadlines Final Book ESL 160 High-Advanced Academic ESL 4.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 160 or completion of ESL 150. Students must register in a lecture section of ESL 160 and a lab section at the same time.
72241 011 C/L T R 01:10-03:15PM BNGL A708 Deadlines Final Book

B.A., University of Nebraska, Omaha; M.A., San Francisco State University

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