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Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
BIO 32 Marine Biology 3.0 71613 501 Lec T 06:40-09:30PM SCIE A300 Deadlines Final Book BIO 32L Marine Biology Laboratory 1.0
COREQ.: BIO 32 or IDST 9
71614 501 Lab R 06:40-09:30PM SCIE U322 Deadlines Book BIO 100B General Biology 5.0
PREREQ.: BIO 100A or demonstration of the exit skills of BIO 100A
73459 001 Lec T R 03:10-04:25PM SCIE U302 Deadlines Final Book
Students registering in section 001 lecture must also register in lab section 011 or 012. BIO 100B-001 accepts students for regular credit and, via a contract with the instructor, for honors credit. For questions on honors credit, call 239-3376 or email
73460 011 C/L M W 09:10-12:00PM SCIE U322 Deadlines Book BOT 10 Plant Biology 4.0 70238 001 L/L T R 12:10-03:00PM SCIE U322 Deadlines Final Book ECOL 80D Ecology of Point Reyes 1.0
ADVISE: ENGL 92 or ESL 150 or placement in ENGL 93 or ESL 160 Formerly BIO 24
75562 691 Fld SatSu 08:30-04:00PM 09/03-09/15  Deadlines Final Book W 06:00-08:50PM 09/03-09/15 SCIE A309
BIO 24-691 is a one weekend field class, begins 9/13/14 and ends 9/14/14. A mandatory orientation meeting is held on campus Wednesday, 9/3/14 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. in Science 309. Transportation is not provided to field site

PhD. Ecology, UC Davis
M.S. Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
M.S. Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Prof. Traut has been teaching at CCSF since 2005

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