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 Fall 2013 
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Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
M B 12 Introduction To Microbiology 4.0
PREREQ.: CHEM 32 or CHEM 101A or an equivalent course.
70240 001 Lec M W 11:10-12:25PM SCIE U302 Deadlines Final Book
Students registered in MB 12 lec section 001 must enroll in lab section 011, 012.
70241 011 Lab M W 09:10-11:00AM SCIE U323 Deadlines Book 70242 012 Lab M W 01:10-03:00PM SCIE U323 Deadlines Book M B 51 Pub Hlth Microbio: Sanitation 2.0 70247 001 Lec F 11:10-01:00PM SW U002 Deadlines Final Book

B.S. Biology, University of Missouri; M.S., Ph.D. Parasitology, Tulane University, New Orleans

Teaching at CCSF since 1995.

I believe all biology students at CCSF should have a solid foundation in science and I am committed to a high standard and quality of education. Given the right tools and motivation, biology students should be able to become scientifically versed citizens that will be able to make positive contributions to the biological world and protect environmental health.

Organizer: CCSF Biology Speaker Series
Served as Chairperson for the Biological Sciences Department from Fall 2004 to Spring 2010.

Member: American Society of Microbiology, Northern California Society of Microbiology, San Francisco Naturalist Society. I was elected to the national public health honors society called Delta Omega in 2003. It aims to recognize and to promote excellence in public health research, scholarship, and service for improvement of health of all people, worldwide.

I love swimming, hiking, getting out in nature and dabbling in nature observation and illustration.

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