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 Fall 2013 
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Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
ENGL 1A University Read & Composition 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 96 or placement in ENGL 1A through CCSF English Placement Testing or the English Placement Test Waiver process In addition to class time, this course requires 16 hours of Distance Learning Lab.
76042 303 Com T R 09:00-10:15AM 1125 Valencia St. A370 Deadlines Final Book ENGL 96 Academic Writing and Reading 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 93 or 94, or placement in ENGL 96 In addition to class time, this course requires 16 hours of Distance Learning Lab
70908 351 Com T R 10:30-11:45AM 1125 Valencia St. A363 Deadlines Final Book WAIT LIST
ENGL 96-351 is part of the Puente Project. Assignments will focus on Latino/a experience designed for students in the Puente Project. Info: Luis Escobar 415-452-5755 or Counseling 415-239-3532 or visit Conlan 205.
73600 X07 Com M W F 11:10-01:00PM 08/18-10/17 ART U310 Deadlines Final Book
Driving Question: "What does Happiness Mean?". Optional tutor-led study groups for this section are offered on Mondays from 1:10-2:00 PM by the Writing Success Project. This section is part of the Year One (YO!) program. Contact the English Department for more information: 415/239-3406. NOTE: This is an accelerated course. Students will be required to enroll in the companion section of ENGL 1A during the first week of class. Add code for ENGL 1A will be provided by the instructor, and this 6-unit accelerated course will run the entire semester.

B.A., California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo; M.A., San Francisco State University

Ms. Crossin has been a member of the CCSF faculty since 2003.

She believes in helping students understand the writing process, so that essays are no longer words assembled into blocks separated by indents and punctuation, but thoughtful words arranged in a specific order, allowing the student-the writer-to express his/her vision.

Ms. Crossin is also a UC Application Coach at Chabot College.

In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, walking on the beach and cooking.

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