Terri P Massin

Photo of Terri P Massin Department English as a Second Language (ESL) Department 
 Office 31GOU
 Phone (415) 241-2299
 Mailbox GOUGH
 E-Mail tmassin@ccsf.edu
 Home Page http://fog.ccsf.edu/tmassin/
 Fall 2013 
 Office Hours
Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
ESL 26 Hlth Prof.: Comm & Careers C 6.0 75611 581 Lec T R 12:10-03:00PM 88 4th St. U718 Deadlines Final Book ESLV 3844 Health Care Communication III 0.0
ADVISE: Health care background, completion of ESLN 3600 and ESLB 3821
82351 501 NCr T R 12:00-02:50PM 88 4th St.  Book
Dual listed with ESL 26.
ESLV 4833 ESL for Child Development 0.0
ADVISE: Completion of ESLN 3400 (Intermediate Low 4)
81525 701 NCr T 09:00-11:15AM 1125 Valencia St. A174 Book
Student must be eligible to attend CDEV 8003 and must attend with their child/children.

BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison. MA from San Francisco State University

Prof. Massin has been teaching at CCSF since 2006

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