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B.A., College of Saint Teresa; M.A., Mills College, Oakland

Luana has taught at CCSF since 1989.

She has trained with the Martha Graham Studio and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre studio.

In her own words: &>quot;Each student has a brilliance, a genius so to speak, and I encourage the student to apply his/her own brand of intelligence to the subject I am teaching (history, choreography, dance technique, or performance). Therefore I teach to the &>quot;internal teacher&>quot; which resides inside the student. I find students understand quicker, retain information longer and can aptly apply the information in a multiplicity of situations. Additionally, I am a systems theorist, so I believe in an interconnectedness of all subjects which demands from me multidimensional teaching and contextual presentation. Finally, each class is a learning experience for me because the students are teaching me how to teach them - it's very exciting! At the beginning of each semester I say to the students that ALL of us should be transformed in some way (physically, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually) BECAUSE of the experiences created in my classes.&>quot;

She is on the board of directors of several arts education organizations and involved in the mentorship program at Mills College. Luana also is a conference lecturer on the subjects: &>quot;Using the Arts in K-12 Education&>quot;, &>quot;The African American Aesthetic in Education&>quot;, &>quot;Teaching the Three R's Through Dance&>quot;.

Luana is a member of the California Dance Educators Association and the National research group- subject: African American aesthetic

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