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 Fall 2013 
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Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
CHEM 40 Intro to Chemical Principles 4.0
PREREQ.: MATH 40 or ET 108B or placement in MATH 60 or higher
71674 400 Lec T R 08:10-09:30AM SCIE U204 Deadlines Final Book
Chemistry 40 students must register for a lecture section, a conference section, and a laboratory section. Chemistry 40 students enrolling in lecture section 400 must also enroll in both a conference section and a laboratory section from the following list of sections: 401, 402, 403, or 404.
74843 401 Con F 08:10-09:00AM SCIE U212 Deadlines Book 74844 402 Lab F 09:10-12:00PM SCIE U212 Deadlines Book 74830 403 Con F 01:10-02:00PM SCIE U212 Deadlines Book 73110 404 Lab F 02:10-05:00PM SCIE U212 Deadlines Book CHEM 101A General College Chemistry 0.0
PREREQ.: CHEM 40, 50, or an Advanced Placement test score of 3 or higher, or placement in CHEM 101A/103A by examination and advising; AND MATH 60 or placement in any math course higher than MATH 60. Students who plan to enroll in CHEM 101A and who have not passed CHEM 40 or 50 at City College are required to take a placement exam in chemistry. Please contact the Placement Office (Conlan 203, (415) 239-3129)
75459 403 Lab T R 10:10-01:00PM SCIE U202 Deadlines Book WAIT LIST
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