Aliyah Dunn-Salahuddin

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 Fall 2013 
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Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
HIST 1 The U.S. Since 1900 3.0 70542 003 Lec M W F 11:10-12:00PM CLOU U261 Deadlines Final Book HIST 41A The African American in the US 3.0 70056 001 Lec M W F 10:10-11:00AM HC A214 Deadlines Final Book 70058 003 Lec T R 08:10-09:25AM CLOU U224 Deadlines Final Book 71703 111 Lec R 01:10-04:00PM HC A213 Deadlines Final Book
HIST 41A-111 is part of the African American Scholastic Program. To enroll, please call 452-5315.
HIST 41B The African American in the US 3.0 70059 001 Lec M W F 09:10-10:00AM CLOU U224 Deadlines Final Book 70061 002 Lec M W F 12:10-01:00PM CLOU U229 Deadlines Final Book

San Francisco State University
Bachelors of Arts in American History
Masters of Arts in American History with special emphasis in African-American History and U.S. History of Ethnic and Race Relations

Prof. Dunn-Salahuddin has been teaching at CCSF since 2012

I strongly believe that the classroom can be a transformative space where one can begin to change the circumstances of their life through education.

African-American Scholastic Programs
CCSF Poetry for the People
African-American Studies Annual Winter Mixer
Black History Month

Katherine Dunham Center for the Arts and Humanities

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