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 Fall 2013 
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Fall 2013 Teaching Schedule
VMD 100 Orient. to Visual Media Design 1.0
Formerly GRPH 23, MMSP 110
71125 501 Lec T 06:30-08:20PM 08/18-10/07 VART A114 Deadlines Final Book
Short-term 8-week orientation class.
VMD 140 Web Production I 3.0
PREREQ.: VMD 105 ADVISE: VMD 103 Formerly MMSP 130
72805 001 L/L M W 09:10-12:00PM ARTX U264 Deadlines Final Book 74171 551 L/L M W 06:00-08:50PM 1125 Valencia St. A474 Deadlines Final Book VMD 194A Internship/Work Exp. I 1.0
PREREQ.: VMD 131 and 122 Formerly GRPH 197
74358 001 Exp HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book VMD 194B Internship/Work Exp. II 2.0
Formerly MMSP 160
74492 001 GWX HOURS ARR  Deadlines Book

B.A., Boston College
M.A., San Francisco State University

See more information about her classes and example of student work on her web site:

Beth Cataldo began her teaching career at City College as a part-time instructor in 2001 and was hired as a full-time instructor and coordinator of the Multimedia Studies Program in 2003.

Before teaching, Cataldo worked for more than 15 years in the publishing world, starting up and running new magazines, CD-ROMs and web sites about technology and entertainment for a variety of publishers, including Microsoft, Ziff-Davis, IDG and Inc. Publishing.

She began teaching in 2001, and received a Master's in Instructional Technology from San Francisco State University in 2003. She was the Multimedia Studies Program Coordinator from 2003 until 2014, creating and updating new curriculum and certificates that reflect employment trends in the Bay Area and advising students about the best paths to success.

She enjoys creating media, including documentaries, and has recently shown her movie "Ray Bandar: A Life with Skulls," at several local and national film festivals as well as on the educational channel NETA. Until November 2014, it is also playing as a part of the Skulls Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.

Her interest in the natural history of mammals and citizen science has also compelled her to work as a Winter Wildlife Docent at Point Reyes National Seashore, and as a volunteer at the Marine Mammal Center and the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association. She is also currently volunteering as a surveyor for the Tsunami Debris Monitoring Program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In her spare time, she has been working on many creative projects, including Apps, screenplays and educational short documentaries.

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