Pablo E Rodriguez

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 Fall 2012 
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Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule
TRST 0039 ABE/Pre-GED Preparation 0.0 82448 702 NCr M W 07:00-09:20PM 1125 Valencia St.  Book TRST 0040 GED Preparation 0.0
Advise: TRST 0039 or placement in TRST 0040
82449 701 NCr T R 07:00-09:20PM 1125 Valencia St.  Book TRST 3533 Civics 0.0
Advise: Placement into TRST 3533
81422 701 NCr SAT 09:00-01:50PM 08/22-12/20 1125 Valencia St. A304 Book
TRST 3533 - 701 is taught primarily in Spanish.

M.A., San Francisco State University

Mr. Rodriguez has been teaching at CCSF for the past 4 years.

His instructional goals are to be as effective as he can, to constantly keep learning, to teach and learn to/from his students.

Mr. Rodriguez is also a member of the Committee for the Globalization of Human Rights, the Association of Social Scientists and Economists of Latin America. He also volunteers at the Central American Resource Center.

His extracurricular activities include soccer and dancing.

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