Miriam H. Queen

Photo of Miriam H. Queen Department English as a Second Language (ESL) Department 
 Office Batmale Hall 529
 Phone (415) 239-3721
 Mailbox L184
 E-Mail mqueen@ccsf.edu
 Home Page http://fog.ccsf.edu/~mqueen/
 Fall 2012 
 Office Hours
Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule
ESL 112 Introductory Listening/Spkg. 2.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 112.
71508 001 Lec M W F 02:10-03:00PM ARTX U182 Deadlines Final Book ESL 120 Low-Intermediate Academic ESL 6.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 120 or completion of ESL 110
71517 501 Lec M W 06:40-09:30PM HC A205 Deadlines Final Book ESL 122 Low-Intermed. Listening/Spkg. 2.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 122 or completion of ESL 112
74280 001 Lec M W F 11:10-12:00PM MUB A260 Deadlines Final Book ESL 150 Advanced Academic ESL 5.0
PREREQ.: Placement in ESL 150 or completion of ESL 140. Students must register for a lecture section of ESL 150 and a lab section at the same time.
71577 008 C/L F 12:10-01:25PM MUB A171 Deadlines Final Book M W 12:10-02:00PM MUB A160

B.A., State University of New York, Binghamton; M.A., University of California, Berkeley

Ms. Queen has been a member of the CCSF faculty since 1996.

She hopes to aid students to make a successful cultural adjustment to the U.S. economically, socially, and psychologically by enhancing their ability to be bilingual and choice of being bicultural. I want all students, no matter their sexual or gender or ethnic identity, to be comfortable in my classroom.

Ms. Queen is a member of the CCSF East-West Club. She has belonged to the Berkeley Zen Center for the past 20 years.

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