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 Fall 2012 
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Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule
ET 104 Engn Drawing & Manufacturing 2.0 72904 001 L/L W 02:10-04:00PM SCIE U143 Deadlines Final Book W 04:10-06:00PM SCIE U004 WELD 140 Manufacturing Processes 3.0 70450 501 L/L M W 06:10-09:00PM SCIE U004 Deadlines Final Book

Don't worry 'bout your (pe)degree, I certainly don't worry 'bout mine...It's just a form of alphabet soup.
That said - you MUST Get one - it is paramount to your economic health!

Prof. Kimball started teaching at CCSF since 1999

...and says the Credo of the millennium is:
Learn more by doing
Do more by learning
Demonstrate to Teach
Teach by example

I do all this and more, with varying degrees of competence:
Low-budget endurance car racing: Team "ing with bad ideas"
Autocross with Reno SCCA - driving a modified 1965 Mini Cooper
R/C sailplanes and gliders - AMA member since forever - I favor sailplanes and gliders
At one time a proud member of Rendezvous Charters as Senior Deckhand - mostly retired
Scuba Diving - Rescue Diver/Dive Master Candidate (PADI) - I dive once in a while
Guru of Motorcycle Seat upholstery - working but in reclusion

This is my Pub'd and genuinely professional work:
Seven Enterprises parts catalog, 1984
Beyond that I've got a few jabs in with various racing communities where I boast automotive tech knowledge.

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