Richard Kappra

Photo of Richard Kappra Department English as a Second Language (ESL) Department 
 Office Civic Center (Formerly Alemany)
 Phone (415) 561-1880
 Mailbox ALE
 Fall 2012 
 Office Hours
Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule
ESLF 3011 English Through Song Lyrics 0.0
ADVISE: Completion of ESLN 3300 (Beginning Low 3)
82366 301 NCr MTWR 05:15-06:20PM 750 Eddy St.  Book ESLN 3340 Beginning High 3-4 Multilevel 0.0
ADVISE: Completion of ESLN 3200
81885 304 NCr MTWR 06:30-08:45PM 750 Eddy St.  Book ESLV 3819 Social Communication 0.0
ADVISE: Completion of ESLN 3400 (Beginning High 4)
80048 301 NCr MTWRF 03:15-05:05PM 08/14-10/17 750 Eddy St.  Book

B.F.A., Philadelphia College of Art; M.Ed in TESOL., Temple University

Mr. Kappra has been a member of the CCSF faculty since 1996 and a full-time instructor since 2000. He teaches English as a Second Language at Civic Center Campus, and teaches IDST 80D: Heterosexism, in Interdisciplinary Studies.

He states, "I believe the role of a teacher is to inspire students to seek knowledge - rather than try to simply transmit it. My goal is to create opportunities for students to explore and question. True learning happens through a process of exploration, collaboration and self-discovery, which in turn leads to transformation. I feel it is vital to ensure that the classroom allows formation of a community that is supportive, respectful and non-threatening, so that growth, both personal and intellectual, can occur."

Member of Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Subcommittee
ESL Coordinator, Civic Center Campus

Co-Author: Out and About: An Interactive Course in Beginning English, OWL Publishing, 2004; Out and About: Photocopiable Teacherless Activities for Beginning Language Learners, OWL Publishing, 2005; Finding Family: A Reading and Vocabulary Text for Adults, Michigan University Press, 2011.

Member of TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), CATESOL (California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). In his leisure time, Mr. Kappra enjoys travel, studying languages, reading, photography and qigong.

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