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 Fall 2012 
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Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule
ENGL 1A University Read & Composition 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 96 or placement in ENGL 1A through CCSF English Placement Testing or the English Placement Test Waiver process In addition to class time, this course requires 16 hours of Distance Learning Lab.
70780 006 Com M W F 09:10-10:00AM BNGL A714 Deadlines Final Book
ENGL 1A-006 is an honors section. Call 239-3376 or email for details.
ENGL 1C Advanced Composition 3.0
72222 003 Com M W F 10:10-11:00AM BATL U451 Deadlines Final Book ENGL 93 Intro to Acad Writing & Readng 3.0
PREREQ.: ENGL 92 or ESL 160, or placement in ENGL 93 ADVISE: Completion/concurrent enrollment in ENGL 9 or 19. In addition to class time, this course requires 16 hours of Distance Learning Lab.
72023 013 Com M W F 11:10-12:00PM CLOU U267 Deadlines Final Book 72013 032 Com T 12:10-03:00PM ART U309 Deadlines Final Book

B.A., University of California, Berkeley; M.A., San Francisco State University; ABD Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara.

Prof. Bosson has been teaching at CCSF since 1999. She started as a part-time instructor in the fall semester of 1999. She started working in a full-time position in 2004. She is honored to be a member of the faculty at CCSF.

We have outstanding students at CCSF. Monica Bosson is committed to working with students from diverse backgrounds and to help them succeed in attaining their goals.

Monica Bosson is involved in the Academic Senate at CCSF and regularly works with students in the English Lab as a tutor and mentor. In addition, she is involved in many other groups, both curricular and extra-curricular. One of her favorite roles is working on the Scholarship Committee of the English Department because it is very rewarding to see our scholars receive the financial help they need to attain their goals.

Monica Bosson has volunteered with a non-profit animal rescue foundation for ten years. (She is presently taking a break from that.)

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